ImageDesignChangeMessage (00000238)

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Object Controller - ImageDesignChangeMessage (00000238)

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LONG ID of the image designer
LONG ID of the one getting Image designed
LONG ID of the image tent (NOT the cell)
BYTE ?? 1 when hair changed
INT bitmap (?) timer - only timer left is for statmigration though (>2)
INT Session ID
INT moneyDemanded
INT moneyOffered
BYTE flag commited by designer
INT flag accepted by customer
BYTE flag stat Migration
INT bodyform/markingdesign Skill
INT faceform/hairstyling Skill
INT bodyform/markingdesign Skill
INT faceform/hairstyling Skill
INT Counter of changed Body attributes

<unknown 1 count=unknown count 1>

A_STRING Attribute Name
INT Attribute Value

<unknown 1/>

INT Counter of changed Color attributes

<unknown 2 count=unknown count 2>

A_STRING Attribute Name
INT Changed Value

<unknown 2/>

A_STRING ui_string holoemote

Variable Descriptions

controllerID = 00000238

The above byte that is unknown maybe a group i found in files.

See this file for details customization_group_shared.iff

Has isMarking as true and false Also has isHair as true or false

Group Is_Marking Is_Hair
body 0 0
eyes_nose 0 0
face 0 0
markings 1 0
hair 0 1
cosmetic 0 0
eyebrows 0 0
freckles 0 0
frills 0 1
fur 1 0
horns_hair 0 1
lekku 0 1
ridges 0 1
tattoos 1 0
trunk 0 0
ears_chin_mouth 0 0


OCM This header is part of the ObjControllerMessage.

75% This packet has been partially reversed.