Light Force Ranking System - Consular I (Skill)

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Skill - Consular I

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Council Leader
The Council
Arbiter I
8th Rank
Arbiter II
9th Rank
Consular I
5th Rank
Consular II
6th Rank
Consular III
7th Rank
Sentinel I
1st Rank
Sentinel II
2nd Rank
Sentinel III
3rd Rank
Sentinel IV
4th Rank
Ranked Member


Only 9 Light Enclave members may reside at the 5th Rank.

SkillPoint Cost 0
Experience Cost 0
Credit Cost 0
Title Gained Jedi Consular


Modifier Value
Force Control: Light +10
Force Manipulation: Light +5
Force Power: Light +3

Commands & Abilities Granted

Jedi Robe (Consular)