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Game Documentation - Lightsaber Mechanics

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Mechanics This document is about game mechanics.

Lightsaber This document is related to the Lightsaber Profession.

Ability List

Command CRC Ability Details %
saber1hcombohit1 E7671D59 Saber One Hand Combo Hit 1 (Ability)
saber1hcombohit2 EA243B80 Saber One Hand Combo Hit 2 (Ability)
saber1hcombohit3 EEE52637 Saber One Hand Combo Hit 3 (Ability)
saber1hflurry A8F3F3AD Saber One Hand Flurry (Ability)
saber1hflurry2 48930003 Saber One Hand Flurry 2 (Ability)
saber1hheadhit1 354E8CC9 Saber One Hand Head Hit 1 (Ability)
saber1hheadhit2 380DAA10 Saber One Hand Head Hit 2 (Ability)
saber1hheadhit3 3CCCB7A7 Saber One Hand Head Hit 3 (Ability)
saber1hhit1 9B9757C2 Saber One Hand Hit 1 (Ability)
saber1hhit2 96D4711B Saber One Hand Hit 2 (Ability)
saber1hhit3 92156CAC Saber One Hand Hit 3 (Ability)
saber2hbodyhit1 E22C6B25 Saber Two Hand Body Hit 1 (Ability)
saber2hbodyhit2 EF6F4DFC Saber Two Hand Body Hit 2 (Ability)
saber2hbodyhit3 EBAE504B Saber Two Hand Body Hit 3 (Ability)
saber2hfrenzy 5DB5A3C5 Saber Two Hand Frenzy (Ability)
saber2hhit1 B6EF404A Saber Two Hand Hit 1 (Ability)
saber2hhit2 BBAC6693 Saber Two Hand Hit 2 (Ability)
saber2hhit3 BF6D7B24 Saber Two Hand Hit 3 (Ability)
saber2hphantom 1712E1DD Saber Two Hand Phantom Attack (Ability)
saber2hsweep1 C11D6447 Saber Two Hand Sweep 1 (Ability)
saber2hsweep2 CC5E429E Saber Two Hand Sweep 2 (Ability)
saber2hsweep3 C89F5F29 Saber Two Hand Sweep 3 (Ability)
saberpolearmdervish 0A45B8A1 Saber Polearm Dervish (Ability)
saberpolearmdervish2 06756163 Saber Polearm Dervish 2 (Ability)
saberpolearmhit1 471423BA Saber Polearm Hit 1 (Ability)
saberpolearmhit2 4A570563 Saber Polearm Hit 2 (Ability)
saberpolearmhit3 4E9618D4 Saber Polearm Hit 3 (Ability)
saberpolearmleghit1 30D7DD42 Saber Polearm Leg Hit 1 (Ability)
saberpolearmleghit2 3D94FB9B Saber Polearm Leg Hit 2 (Ability)
saberpolearmleghit3 3955E62C Saber Polearm Leg Hit 3 (Ability)
saberpolearmspinattack1 EF9A22DF Saber Polearm Spin Attack 1 (Ability)
saberpolearmspinattack2 E2D90406 Saber Polearm Spin Attack 2 (Ability)
saberpolearmspinattack3 E61819B1 Saber Polearm Spin Attack 3 (Ability)
saberslash1 B7F2D310 Saber Slash 1 (Ability)
saberslash2 BAB1F5C9 Saber Slash 2 (Ability)
saberthrow1 F8465559 Saber Throw 1 (Ability)
saberthrow2 F5057380 Saber Throw 2 (Ability)
saberthrow3 F1C46E37 Saber Throw 3 (Ability)

Skill Modifiers

Double-Bladed Lightsaber Accuracy
Double-Bladed Lightsaber Speed
Force Power Max
Force Power Regeneration
Lightsaber Assembly
Lightsaber Block
Lightsaber Experimentation
Lightsaber Toughness
One-handed Lightsaber Accuracy
One-handed Lightsaber Speed
Two-handed Lightsaber Accuracy
Two-handed Lightsaber Speed

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Ability List