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Baseline - MSCO 06

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BaseLine Struct

SHORT:		OpperandCount
INT:		ServerID
CSTRING:	CustomizationString
ASTRING:	CustomizationModel
INT:		prototypeCRC
BYTE:		ActiveFlag
BYTE:		SlotCount

Deltas Struct

There's one delta I'm aware of that is sent after a slot has been filled. In NGE the var 6 (byte) is filled with the amount of filled slots. In precu it is var 5

SHORT:			UpdateCount
SHORT:			UpdateType
    INT:		ServerID
    CSTRING:		CustomizationString
    ASTRING:		CustomizationModel
    INT:		prototypeCRC
    BYTE:		ActiveFlag
    BYTE:		SlotCount 

Variable Descriptions

Obj_OperandCount = 6

CustomizationString: The Customization string made from the customization values in the item customization phase. Null on default.

CustomizationModel: The string of the object template iff ("directory/file.iff") used to customize the model appearence. NULL on default.

prototypeCRC: The CRC of the Item that is the prototype for this schematic. Model will be overwritten by CustomizationModel.

ActiveFlag: Set to 1 for schematics that are being crafted or are being run in a factory (that is set to active). 0 for idle in datapad or data container or inactive factory.

SlotCount: During Crafting: Initialize to 0. Incremented by 1 for each slot that is filled, and by 1 for each slot that is emptied. It does not effect crafting stages. Factories: Inactive schematics have this set to 0. Active schematics have this set to # of used slots. Datapad: Has these set to 0.


50% This packet has been partially reversed.

Sample Packet(NGE)

05 00 
0C 5F A7 68             // BaselinesMessage
24 2A FA 04 0F 00 00 00 // ID
4F 43 53 4D 06          // OCSM 6
18 00 00 00 
07 00 6E 00 
00 00 00 00 
00 00 00 00 
00 00 00 00 
00 00 
8B 3C 1D F1 
00 00 19