Metal Bikini (Schematic)

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Schematic - Metal Bikini

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Name: Metal Bikini

Data: A bikini, a (small) clothing item wearable by most humanoid species, yet attractive generally only to those of the same species. To wear this bikini, go to your inventory view and double click the icon for the bikini.

Complexity: 20

Required Tool: Clothing and Armor Crafting Tool

Schematic Data Size: 3

Granted XP: 300

Practice XP: 315

XP Type: Tailoring

Crafting Tool Tab: Clothing

Item Category: Shirt

Skill Required: Master Tailor


Res component.png
Bikini Fabric
Identical Synthetic Cloth from a factory crate 2
Res copper.png
Bikini Reinforcement
Copper 50
Res hide.png
Padded Straps
Wooly Hide 50

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Experimental Properties

Schematic Image 1 (Ingredients)

Metal Bikini - Schematic.jpg

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