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Game Documentation - Militia

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Militia Role

The Role of the Militia:

A Mayor with Martial Policy I may recruit any citizen into the city's Militia. The mayor must use the Manage Miltia radial option on the city management terminal. The manage militia sui lists all current militia members and allows a Mayor to add a person to the militia. Citizens can also be removed from the militia using this option. The citizen needs to be present in City Hall in order for the Mayor to add them at the City Management Terminal. The Mayor is automatically a member of the militia when City Hall is placed. Members of the militia also gain a +50 point defensive roll against enemy players while inside the city limits of a Stronghold specialized city. The militia has three commands at their disposal in order to regulate activity within the city limits:

  1. /grantzoningrights - This command grants the target player the right to place a player structure in the borders of the city. The zoning rights are active for 24 hours unless they are revoked (done by repeating the /grantzoningrights command on the target). In a Player City with zoning enabled, this command is the only way that structures may be placed in the city limits.

  2. /cityban results in the banned player being unable to use civic structures: the shuttleport (in or out), garage, bank, and cannot enter civic structures such as city hall or the cloning facility. They may still enter privately owned structures unless they are added to the ban list for that structure. The Mayor or Militia may /cityban a player; the player remains banned unless they are granted citypardon. /cityban and /citypardon may only be done in the city limits with the person targeted.

  3. /citypardon - This command unbans a targeted /citybanned player. /citypardon may only be done in the city limits with the person targeted.

  4. /citywarn - This command issued a 30 second timer to a targeted player in which the player would obtain a tef, and be attackable by any city militia members if they did not leave the municipal radius of the city. NOTE: ** This was removed by soe due to player abuse.**

All four of these commands must be done to a targeted player and can only be used in the city limits.