Musician - Technique Specialist IV (Skill)

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Skill - Musical Techniques IV

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Master Musician
Technique Specialist IV Musician's Wound Healing IV Musical Knowledge IV Musician's Fatigue Healing IV
Musical Techniques III Musician's Wound Healing III Musical Knowledge III Musician's Fatigue Healing III
Musical Techniques II Musician's Wound Healing II Musical Knowledge II Musician's Fatigue Healing II
Musical Techniques I Musician's Wound Healing I Musical Knowledge I Musician's Fatigue Healing I
Novice Musician

Skill Summary

Musical Ability IV improves the Musician's ability to perform certain songs, conveying improved healing abilities. A Musician can use /startmusic to see a list of their available songs.

SkillPoint Cost 2
Experience Cost 225000 Musician
Credit Cost 9000
Title Gained Virtuoso

Skill Mods

Modifier Value
Instrument Assembly (Skill Modifier) +25
Musical Mind Enhancement (Skill Modifier) +25

Commands & Abilities Granted

Schematics Granted

  • Instruments
A Nalargon (Schematic)
An Ommni Box (Schematic)