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Game Documentation - Politician Mechanics

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Mechanics This document is about game mechanics.

Politician This document is related to the Politician Profession.



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Skill Modifiers

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Ability List

Command CRC Ability Details %
cityban ABB91A5E City Ban (Ability)
citypardon B0CF1123 City Pardon (Ability)
City Specialization: Clone Lab (Ability)
City Specialization: Entertainment District (Ability)
City Specialization: Improved Job Market (Ability)
City Specialization: Manufacturing Center (Ability)
City Specialization: Medical Center (Ability)
City Specialization: Research Center (Ability)
City Specialization: Sample Rich (Ability)
City Specialization: Stronghold (Ability)
grantzoningrights 017CBBA9 Grant Zoning Rights (Ability)

installmissionterminal 3BB700F3 Install Mission Terminal (Ability)

Manage Militia (Ability)
Manage Taxes (Ability)
Place Bank (Ability)
Place City Garage (Ability)
Place City Hall (Ability)
Place Cloning (Ability)
Place Exotic Garden (Ability)
Place Faction Terminal (Ability)
Place Fountain (Ability)
Place Large Garden (Ability)
Place Medium Garden (Ability)
Place Shuttleport (Ability)
Place Small Garden (Ability)
Place Statue (Ability)
Place Streetlamp (Ability)
recruitskilltrainer 5F42FB6E Recruit Skill Trainer (Ability)

Register City (Ability)