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Planet - Rori

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Rori was a swampy moon of the planet of Naboo. Its first colony, Narmle, was settled by King Narmle ca. 2,000 BBY. A second colony, Restuss, was founded as a quarantined processing center/spaceport following an outbreak of brainworm rot on Naboo 200 BBY. The Republic attempted to enforce the quarantine even after the plague ended, but the natives rioted, forcing the quarantine's end. The hospital and detainment center were razed in the riots, and a new starport built.

The history of Rori is challenged by Naboo scholars. Some of them claim that a small number of Naboo's original Human colonists landed on Rori before traveling down to the more temperate Naboo below. If this theory is correct, then the early settlers left no obvious signs of their stay. Others believe that Rori remained unsettled until a small group of spice miners decided to travel to the moon to search for the fabled spice lodes. Some miners do inhabit the moon, but they live in a primitive lifestyle and have no records of their first landing on the moon.

Rori was inhabited by Human kassoti spice miners and Gungans, as well as Zabrak and Twi'leks. Its wildlife included both native and imported species, some originally from Naboo. The Governor of Rori, Ferrox, sat on the Naboo Royal Advisory Council of Queen Kylantha.

The rulers of Naboo view Rori as an extension of their domain. Because of this Rori receives regular supplies from Naboo and transportation between Rori and Naboo occurs often. The Empire also viewed Rori as nothing more than a small Naboo outpost. Rori's citizens are far more independent than the Naboo and it was believed that Rori housed some Rebels.

A player claimed that he found "Garyn's guys" spawning at the following locations:

  • 3012 -3658
  • 5562 2448
  • 6760 2986 (specifically including Garyn Prowlers)

These waypoints coincide with various ruins that are part of the planets permanent objects such as arches, gates, etc. These three spots are equivalent to #559, #535 and #530 of my POI screenshots. [1]

Planet Info

System: Rori
Sector: Chommell Sector
Region: Naboo System
Distance from Core: Light Years
Rotation Period:
Class: Terrestrial
Surface Water:

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Planet Map

Planetary map of Rori

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POI map of Rori

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Rori - Panorama Shot

Rori Wild Life

Star Wars Lore

From the Wookiepedia.

During the Galactic Civil War (approx. 0 ABY) the Galactic Empire began research on a new piece of technology small enough to fit in someone's hand, but powerful enough to power a Death Star. The Rebellion quickly heard of this and began taking precautionary measures, such as building a small base outside the west entrance of the city. The Empire, seeing this threat, also began building a base east of the city and evacuated the local population to a small starport. As the project wore on, it reached a developmental stage that became unstable and destroyed everything within a 200-meter radius around the city, tearing apart the starport and destroying or damaging every building within. The outcome of the battle is unknown, as records disappeared after the fall of the Empire.

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