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Server Packet - SceneCreateObjectByCrc (FE89DDEA)

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SHORT Operand_Count
INT Opcode
FLOAT QuaternionX
FLOAT QuaternionY
FLOAT QuaternionZ
FLOAT QuaternionW
FLOAT X-Coordinate
FLOAT Y-Coordinate
FLOAT Z-Coordinate
BYTE ByteFlag

<unknown count=unknown count>

INT ??


Variable Descriptions

Operand_Count = 5

Opcode = FE89DDEA

  • ObjectID:
ObjectID for the new object to create.
  • Quaternion X / Y / Z / W:
Orientation is done in a Quaternion. Use them to orient the object
in ground and space. Use 0,0,0,1 for default orientation.
TODO: Add Page about Quaternions
  • X / Y / Z Coordinate:
X-Y-Z Coordinate to place the object.
Use, 0,0,0 for default position (items, contained objects, etc).
  • ObjectCRC:
SWGCRC of the template file for the object located in the /object/ directory of the client.
Refer to the CRCTable for list of objects.
  • ByteFlag:
This byte flag enables an additional INT when set to 1. May also be A counter for an INT list.
TODO: Someone Test this byte and the INTs.
  • Additional Info:
Each Object is created by the CRC of its object template
file in /object/ of the client.
Leave Orientation to 0,0,0,1 and Position to 0,0,0 for data
objects or contained objects(MISO, WEAO, TANO etc.)
TODO: Post a list of the object_template, quest, and mission CRC Tables.


S→C This packet originates on the server.

75% This packet has been partially reversed.

Sample Packet

05 00       //Operand_Count
EA DD 89 FE //SceneCreateObjectByCrc
62 C9 8B 12 1E 00 00 00 //Object ID
00 00 00 00 //oX
D2 3A EA BE //oY
00 00 00 00 //oZ
EA A3 63 3F //oW
F6 28 A4 41 //x
44 1E 65 BF //y
33 33 83 40 //z
77 D6 B2 68 //object/mobile/shared_muftak.iff
00          //ByteFlag