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Server Packet - ServerTimeMessage (2EBC3BD9)

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SHORT Operand_Count
INT Opcode
LONG Galactic_Time

Variable Descriptions

Opperand_Count = 2

Opcode = 2EBC3BD9

  • Galactic_Time:

See Galactic_Time in CmdStartScene for basic information. The purpose of this packet is to update and keep the times synced on the client with the server. It seems to be sent every second, however the resend time can be adjusted. It can also be used to change the "time of day" on a planet, however various planets have various timing conversions.


S→C This packet originates on the server.

100% This packet has been completely reversed.

Sample Packet

 02 00                    //World Update
 D9 3B BC 2E              //ServerTimeMessage
 4E 9F 71 DE 46 00 00 00  //Time in ms