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Skill Modifier - Shop Sign Options

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This skill mod governs which shop signs are accessible to merchants.

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System Messages

SUI Prompts

Game Mechanics

A new sign is available at each level of Management. In order to change the structure's shop sign, a player must be the owner or on the admin list of the structure. The player must then choose the Change Shop Sign radial option under the Structure Management radial menu. This will present a Sign Selection SUI Prompt (Note: The Nge has changed this to Signage). In this window will be sign options to choose from depending on the level of management a player has:

  • Shop Sign # 1
  • Shop Sign # 2
  • Shop Sign # 3
  • Shop Sign # 4

If a player has no management training then they can only use the default sign on their structure. Players can remove signs by going back to the Change Shop Sign radial and opening the Change Sign prompt and choosing from two new options available:

  • Revert Sign - This causes the current sign to be reset back to the structure's default sign
  • Replace Sign - This brings the player back to the Sign Selection prompt listing all available signs.

A sign's name takes on the name of the building itself. Whatever the player name's a structure, including coloration, will carry over into all sign variants.

Once a sign option is selected it is automatically placed.

Sign at Management 1
Sign at Management 2

Sign at Management 3
Sign at Management 4


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