Surveying (Skill Modifier)

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Skill Modifier - Surveying

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The surveying skill modifier has a number of functions. It Improves the number of resources returned on a successful survey and increases the likelyhood of a successful survey. Second, it controls the minmum level of concentrations a player can begin sampling at. For example, a player with +20 skill can only sample from concentrations of 32% or higher. 26% at +40 skill, 26% at +60, 14% at +80 and 10% at 100 skill. In addition to these, surveying range improves as the modifier inreases, in the following manner:

  • Surveying I lets you set the surveying range from 32m to 64m
  • Surveying II lets you set the surveying range from 64m to 128m
  • Surveying III lets you set the surveying range from 128m to 192m.
  • Surveying IV lets you set the surveying range from 192m to 320m.

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Skill Mod Details


1. Needs formula for determining failure rate on sampling.
2. Needs formula for determining sampling yeields for sampling at various concentration levels.
3. Needs to show cut off points of what concentration percentages the player can access depending on their skill level.