Swordsman - Novice Swordsman (Skill)

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Skill - Novice Swordsman

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Master Swordsman
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Expert Sword Offense Expert Sword Techniques Expert Sword Defense Expert Sword Finesse
Advanced Sword Offense Advanced Sword Techniques Advanced Sword Defense Advanced Sword Finesse
Intermediate Sword Offense Intermediate Sword Techniques Intermediate Sword Defense Intermediate Sword Finesse
Novice Swordsman

Skill Summary

The Novice Swordsman excels at wielding two-handed swords. This novice skill begins a player specialization in mastering this weapon.

SkillPoint Cost 6
Experience Cost 125000 Two Handed Weapons
Credit Cost 5000
Title Gained Novice Swordsman

Skill Mods

Modifier Value
Counterattack +15
Melee Defense +5
Two-handed Melee Accuracy +15
Two-handed melee Center Of Being +5
Two-handed Melee Center Of Being Efficacy +15
Two-handed Melee Speed +10
Two-handed Melee Toughness +15

Commands & Abilities Granted




Two-Hand Hit 2