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Baseline - TANO07

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BaseLine Struct

SHORT:          OpperandCount
LONG:           ObjectID
LONG:           ObjectID

Deltas Struct

SHORT:           UpdateCount
SHORT:           UpdateType
    LONG:        ObjectID
    LONG:        ObjectID

Variable Descriptions

OpperandCount = 2

ObjectID: TANO7 is used for the crafting tool in a crafting session. It contains 2 objects, one: the manufacturing schematic of the session. two: the prototype (tano) object of the session. These 2 objects are updated as you progress through the crafting session. I could not determine which is which because the server only sets these both to 0. That would require ASM reversing which I don't care to do, and also because: All this is set automatically by LINKING (update containment) the MSCO and TANO to the crafting tool. So setting this is pointless. The only captures that set this set both values to 0 in a baseline. However in Pre-CU these should not be set otherwise it will parse this as a MSC07 and the client will crash.

IF: a /synchronizeduilisten is sent WITH the crafting tool ID as the target (not the MSCO like it so far has)then the server I THINK can safely send the TANO7 with NULL for both objectIDs resetting (aka "synchronizing") it.


100% This packet has been completely reversed.

Sample Packet