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Planet - Talus

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Talus was one of the Twin Worlds located in the Corellian system that orbited Centerpoint Station, the other being Tralus.

It was one of the five habitable planets in the Corellian system, and was a temperate world very similar to Corellia. It had a wide range of terrain including forests, grass plains and mud flats.

Talus was roughly the same size as its sister planet, Tralus. Both orbited a common center of gravity and were together known as the Double Worlds. Talus held many mysteries for explorers. It was rumored that a planetary repulsor was located deep beneath the planetary surface. This device may have been used millennia before the Battle of Yavin to move Talus from an unknown orbit and into its current orbit.

The planet was mostly inhabited by three sentient species: Humans, the Drall and the Selonians. Although the three species mostly lived peacefully, there was a history of political conflict amongst them, usually marked by sporadic violence. Talus was also home to farmers and miners, including a noteworthy Zabrak colony.

Around 500 BBY, the Federation of the Double Worlds was founded, which became the government of Talus and Tralus. The capital of the Federation was Dearic on Talus. Corellia, Selonia, and Drall allied in an attempted takeover of the Federation, which failed. The Federation was allowed a certain degree of autonomy under Imperial rule.

Like Corellia, Talus remained largely neutral in the early days of the Galactic Civil War. The Galactic Empire monitored Talus for Rebel activity, but allowed Fed-Dub to operate independently and didn't interfere with the planets major corporations. Although Talus wasn't as well known as Corellia, it had a vibrant economy that revolved around starship manufacturing.

During the First Corellian Crisis, the Tralus and Talus Liberation Party advocated independence for both worlds. It was later blockaded during the Second Corellian Crisis.

Planet Info

System: Talus
Sector: Corellian Sector
Region: Corellian System
Distance from Core: 1 Light Years
Rotation Period: 24 Hours
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 9,950km
Surface Water:
Population: 3.2 Million

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