Using Powerups (Game Messages)

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Game Messages - Using Powerups (Game Messages)

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Using Powerups (Game Messages)

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25% This document has been partially completed.

Game Messages This document refers to internal SWG Messages.

System Messages

ID Path Filename Trigger Message Notes Examples
prose_already_powered /string/en/ powerup.stf internal_command_string Your %TT already has a powerup! Example
prose_apply_restricted /string/en/ powerup.stf internal_command_string You cannot apply %TU to %TT. Notification sent when a player attempts to apply a powerup to an item that cannot use that powerup. Example

prose_pup_apply /string/en/ powerup.stf internal_command_string You powerup your %TT with %TU. Prompt Number Example

prose_pup_expire /string/en/ powerup.stf internal_command_string The powerup on your %TT has expired. Example

prose_remove_powerup /string/en/ powerup.stf internal_command_string You detach the powerup from your %TT. Example