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The shellfish harvesting tool allows players to harvest crustacean and mollusk resources from water sources. In order to use the tool, the player must be in water, not swimming, and not mounted on a vehicle or pet. The tool may be used from the tool bar or the player may use the Radial Menu of the tool inside their inventory and select the Use radial option. Once used, the tool will take 7 seconds before Returning Results to the player and cannot be used again during this period. The player receives one of 3 outcomes: an unsuccessful harvest, a succesful harvest of mollusks or a successful harvest of crustaceans. If a crustacean or mollusk harvest is successful then the player receives between 5 to 10 units of the respective meat. Harvest success rate is currently unknown.

Note: Meats do not automatically stack. Presumably this deters afk harvesting since these tools do not employ anti afk measures like other resource tools do with sampling events.

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