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Game Mechanics - Spices

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Spices (Game Messages)

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System Messages


Spices are portable buffs that can be used on demand that are used just like foods. Using a spice will enhance certain stats (anywhere from 1 to 6 attributes at once) for a specific time, followed by a downer period. Players may only have the effect of one spice at a time.

Effects of Spice:

Each spice has a list of attributes that are enhanced and a duration. For example, you have a spice that increases Health by +100 for 400 seconds. When you take the spice, your current and maximum Health both increase by 100 points, and will remain that way for 400 seconds. Some spices actually cause negative effects or reduce certain stats while raising others.

The Downer:

After the spice has run its course, the downer kicks in. The effect of this is to REDUCE the stat that was buffed by the same amount that it was increased. So, in the last example, your maximum and current Health will decrease by 100. Downers last for one-third of the active time. Spice downer seems to behave like the effect on buffs and teras kasi power boost as it wanes. There is a time period of which the player's buffs drop down to the designated amount. The downer is not an instantaneous drop in the stat. When the spice effect begins to wane, there is a 50 second interval between that and when the player begins to "Puke." Once the player pukes, they have then completely lost the spice bonus and are now on the negative effects of the downer. After the stat hits the floor, it begins raising again incrementally based upon the duration of the downer. The affected stat will be totally regenerated come the end of the downer. The amount of times a player pukes during a down seems to be random. Perhaps 1-4 over a random interval during the downer period.

Note: During pre-cu spice downers could result in incapacitation on the player but soe specifically attempted to patch this out in 2003 but seems that they never succeeded to fully remove all instances of incapacitation due to spice downers. This is probably something we should look into fixing on implementation.

Example of spice downer:

[Spatial] 01:05:27 The Muon Gold fades, leaves your mind feeling weak and slow.
[Spatial] 01:06:18 You puke.

[Spatial] 18:29:15 The mind enhancement of the Thruster Head leaves you wracked with nausea.
[Spatial] 18:29:58 You puke.
[Spatial] 18:30:40 You puke.
[Spatial] 18:31:25 You puke.
[Spatial] 18:31:28 The intense nausea seems to have left.

Doctor, Dancer, Musician and Chef Buffs as Related to Spice:

Spice does stack with any and all Doctor, Entertainer or Chef food buffs as well.

Using Spices

Spice Downer 1
Spice Downer 2
Spice Downer 3
Spice Downer 4
Spice Downer 5
Spice Downer 6
Spice Downer 7

Spices Types

Name Effect Duration Downer
Grey Gabaki +500 Focus 500 seconds 166 seconds
Scramjet +300 Strength 700 seconds 233 seconds
Shadowpaw -100 Strength, +250 Action, +250 Quickness 600 seconds 200 seconds
Giggledust +300 Action, +300 Quickness, -100 Focus 600 seconds 200 seconds
Sweetblossum +100 Health, +600 Constitution, -100 Action, -100 Quickness, -200 Focus 600 seconds 200 seconds
Yarrock +200 Mind, +100 Focus, +100 Willpower 600 seconds 200 seconds
Pyrepenol +300 Strength, -100 Quickness, -50 Focus 600 seconds 200 seconds
Sedative h4B +400 Health, +300 Constitution, -100 Mind, -100 Focus 600 seconds 200 seconds
Zyopolene Droid Lubricant +250 Health, +250 Strength, +250 Constitution 600 seconds 200 seconds
Crash and Burn -200 Action, -200 Quickness, +400 Mind, +200 Focus 600 seconds 200 seconds
Gunjack +500 Strength, -200 Quickness, -100 Focus 600 seconds 200 seconds
Thrusterhead +600 Mind, +200 Focus 400 seconds 133 seconds
Booster Blue +400 Action, +400 Quickness 600 seconds 200 seconds
Muon Gold +500 Mind, +500 Focus, +500 Willpower 600 seconds 200 seconds
Neutron Pixie +1000 Health, +200 Strength, +200 Constitution, +500 Action, +50 Quickness, +50 Stamina 800 seconds 266 seconds
Kliknik Fortitude Enhancement +500 Strength, +100 Action, +700 Quickness, +100 Stamina, +500 Focus 240 seconds 240s(Unconfirmed)
Kwi Adrenal Boostt +100 Health, +900 Constitution, +100 Action, +900 Stamina, +100 Mind +900 Willpower 60 seconds 180s (Unconfirmed)


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