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Game Messages - Message Category

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25% This document has been partially completed.

Game Messages This document refers to internal SWG Messages.

System Messages

ID Path Filename Trigger Message Notes Examples

areabark_armor /string/en/ player_structure.stf Hey there young %NT, you're looking a bit underequipped. I have a fine selection of armor that would suit you perfectly! Example
areabark_clothing /string/en/ player_structure.stf Whether you're looking for fashion or function, %NT, I have clothing to suit your needs! Example
areabark_components /string/en/ player_structure.stf Weapons, armor, droids...all require components to build and operate. I happen to have a nice inventory of such devices right here, %NT. Example
areabark_droids /string/en/ player_structure.stf Need a companion to get the job done? Why not check out my fine selection of droids? Example
areabark_equipment /string/en/ player_structure.stf %NT, you might want to take a look at my stock. It would be a shame to send you back out into the wilderness without the proper equipment. Example
areabark_food /string/en/ player_structure.stf You are the image of a hungry %RT, %NT. It's a good thing I have a fresh stock of fine foods and ingredients to serve you with. Example
areabark_housing /string/en/ player_structure.stf A %RT's house is a symbol of his status. If it's the safety of shelter as well as the comforts of luxury you seek, your journey has ended. Example
areabark_medical /string/en/ player_structure.stf Hey hey hey! No bleeding on the carpet, %NT. You look like you could use some medical care. I have a wide selection of medical supplies that should have you patched right up. Example
areabark_pets /string/en/ player_structure.stf Frankly, %NT, I don't know how you survive without a trusty pet at your side. I've got a wide selection of fantastic critters that will not only be a good friend, but they'll watch your back at the same time. Example
areabark_resources /string/en/ player_structure.stf You look like a crafting type, %NT. I happen to have a large stock of raw materials you might find useful in your work. Example
areabark_ships /string/en/ player_structure.stf What are you doing down here, %NT? The real action is up in orbit. You don't have a ship, you say? Well, I can fix that. I have a fine selection of the latest designs! Example
areabark_tools /string/en/ player_structure.stf These days you're only as good as your tools, %NT. Why don't you stock up here before you head out again? Example
areabark_weapons /string/en/ player_structure.stf Your weapon is looking a little rusty, %NT. I have an extensive array of custom made weapons you should take a look at. Example