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Server Packet - VerifyTradeMessage (9AE247EE)

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SHORT Operand_Count
INT Opcode

Variable Descriptions

Opperand_Count = 1

Opcode = 9AE247EE

This is sent to acknowledge that the server has completed the verification process on it's end. The client also sends it to let the server know it finished verifying the trade. If a verification failed, DenyTradeMessage is sent, however only the server seems to send it. Once all 3 parties (player1, player2, and server) have verified, TradeCompleteMessage is sent to both players and the trade is finished.


S→C This packet originates on the server.

100% This packet has been completely reversed.

Sample Packet

01 00 
EE 47 E2 9A // VerifyTradeMessage