Village Defenses (Schematic)

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Schematic - Village Defenses

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Name: Village Defenses

Data: Village Defenses


Required Tool:

Schematic Data Size:

Granted XP:

Practice XP:

XP Type:

Crafting Tool Tab: Mission

Item Category: Community Crafting Project

Skill Required:


Res component.png
Refined Endrine
Refined Endrine 1
Res component.png
Refined Rudic
Refined Rudic 1
Res component.png
Refined Ardanium II
Refined Ardanium II 1
Res component.png
Reinforced Wall Module
Reinforced Wall Module 1
Res component.png
Small Turret
Small Turret 1

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Experimental Properties

Armor Effectiveness
Overall quality 50%
Shock Resistance 50%
Armor Integrity
Overall quality 50%
Unit Toughness 50%
Potential Energy 100%

Schematic Image 1 (Ingredients)


Schematic Image 2 (Attributes 1)


Schematic Image 3 (Attributes 2)


Item Image 1


Item Image 2


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