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Waypoints are navigational aids and add markers based on a coordinate system:

  • x - latitude
  • z - height/depth
  • y - longitude

Players can activate and deactivate a waypoints by double clicking on the waypoint icon and selecting "Activate Waypoint" or "Deactivate Waypoint". The waypoint will appear as an arrow on the radar. When near the location, the waypoint will appear as a beam of light. The coloration of the light depends on the type of waypoint created. Waypoint types are essentially quest and mission variants and player created variants. Quest and mission waypoints are created when a player accepts a quest or a mission. These waypoints are distinguishable by their red coloration added to the light beam. The other type of waypoints are the player created waypoints. These waypoints are distinguishable by their blue coloration added to the light beam.

Waypoint markers can be viewed on the overhead map or on the planetary map window using CTRL-V.

Creating Waypoints

Players can create a new waypoint wherever they are standing by clicking the "New Waypoint" button. Waypoints can be created alternatively through using the /waypoint command. Proper Syntax for this command is:

/waypoint Coordinate WaypointName

Ex. /waypoint 5000 0 5000 This is a waypoint name

Waypoints created in space will utilize the z axis coordinate to spawn the waypoint at a certain height. Waypoints created on a planet surface simply use the x,y coordinate system for the map. Waypoints will list their planet of origin both in the details as well as using a unique planet icon that allows a player to visually distinguish wps from one another.

Naming Waypoints

Players can name a waypoint created by choosing "Set Name" from the waypoint's radial menu. Clicking the "Change View" button displays the waypoints as icons.

Players may also change waypoint Name Coloration through hex syntax. As an example, Adding \#FF00FF\ in front of the text to be colored, and replacing the alphanumeric with whatever the code is for the color that is desired.

Waypoint Storage Limits

Players can only store a limited number of waypoints. The percentage listed in the waypoint window increases as waypoints are added; when the meter reads one hundred percent, the limit is reached and the player must destroy a waypoint before being able to create a new one. A total of 100 waypoints may be stored in the player's datapad, with each waypoint counting as 1% of the total capacity. Waypoints not created by the player themself such as Mission, quest, and survey waypoints do not respect this limit however and the player may continued receiving and storing these forms of waypoints.

Note: There is an exception that is currently known and that is with survey waypoints. In the case of survey waypoints, if the player has created one then it will take up space as if it were a regular waypoint created by the player (if the player attempts to create a new waypoint). If a survey waypoint is created after a player has filled their waypoint list, then the survey waypoint will be considered "overage" and the player must remove it to make room for another waypoint.

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