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|{{a_string}}||Name of the slot
|{{a_string}}||Name of the slot

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INT resource weights id (?)
INT crc schematic
INT complexity
INT size in Datapad
INT slots count

<slots count=slots count>

A_STRING where to look up the string
INT ??
A_STRING Name of the slot
BYTE Optional
INT ??
<slot resources count=previous int?>
A_STRING where to look it up
INT ??
A_STRING name of the string
U_STRING what resource goes in there
BYTE should be 4 unknown
INT required resource amount
<slot resources/>
A_STRING {{unknown -> this string In my view doesnt exits Sch}}


Variable Descriptions

controllerID = 000001BF


OCM This header is part of the ObjControllerMessage.

50% This packet has been partially reversed.