Heightened Senses (Profession)

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Profession - Heightened Senses

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Skill Tree

Heightened Senses Master
Healing IV
Prominent Alleviation
Surveying IV
Sharpened Assaying
Persuasion IV
Luck IV
Healing III
Superior Remedy
Surveying III
Preferred Results
Persuasion III
Luck III
Healing II
Empathic Treatment
Surveying II
Select Yields
Persuasion II
Luck II
Healing I
Sophisticated Diagnosis
Surveying I
Improved Mining
Persuasion I
Luck I
Unforeseen Events
Heightened Senses Novice

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Profession Overview

Heightened Senses is one of the four Force Sensitive professions. The Heightened Senses skill trees give bonuses to Injury Treatment, Wound Healing and various other skills. Paemos will convert the following types of XP into Force-sensitive Senses XP:

  • Image Design 7:1
  • Dancing 10:1
  • Musician 10:1
  • Entertainer Healing 10:1
  • Survival 5:1
  • Scout 8:1
  • Trapping 25:1
  • Medical 10:1
  • Surveying 10:1
  • Merchant 4:1
  • Creature Handling 9:1
  • Slicing 3:1
  • DNA Sampling 3:1
  • Bio Engineer 4:1
  • Politician 3:1

This profession requires 16 skill points to master.

Experience requirements to master:

  • Force-sensitive Senses: 1,225,000 per line/4,950,000 total (granted by converting various types of XP into Force-sensitive Combat XP)

AP Experience: 0

Game Mechanics
1. Heightened Senses
2. Heightened Senses Crafting

Getting Started

You can find Paemos, who will help you with converting your XP to Force Sensitive XP here:


Aurilia (5302, -4151)

You can find Silvarra, who will give you quests that will allow you to open the various branches of Heightened Senses here:


Aurilia (5391, -4075)

Skill Modifiers



Schematics Granted


Community Information

Force Sensitive Forum:


Trainer Locations:

  • Guide to Aurillian Quests v1.4 [1]

Former Correspondents: