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SWG NPCs - A Chunker nitwit

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The Chunkers were a group of junk pirates who primarily stole items that other people had trashed or "chunked away" - hence their name. They would acquire weapons and equipment solely by looking through abandoned camps and junk piles.

Pulverizers [3], Processor Attachments [3] and Dud fireworks [4], Broken Hand-Held Viewscreen (Gray) [5], Broken Hand-Held Viewscreen (Tan) [5] could be looted from this NPC.


A Chunker nitwit

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Talus This document relates to the Talus planet.

A Chunker nitwit

NPC Basics
Name A Chunker nitwit
Planet Talus
Type Npcs
Stype Humanoid
Social Group Chunker Gang
Faction -

Armor Rating None AR0
Acid - -
Blast - -
Cold - -
Electricity - -
Energy - -
Heat - -
Kinetic - -
Lightsaber VUL 0
Stun VUL 0

NPC Offensive Stats
Level 5
To hit 25%
Damage 45-50
XP 85
HAM 135-165
Special 1
Special 2
Weapons Pirate Weapons (light)

Aggro 0
Can't Be Harmed 0
Healer 0
Herd 0
Killer 0
Offers Missions 0
Pack 0
Stalker 0
Loot 1

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