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SWG NPCs - A Dark Trooper

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The dark troopers were advanced battle droids and infantry exoskeletons that featured heavy plating that resembled the armor of a stormtrooper, powerful weapons, and jumppacks for increased flexibility and tactical advantage.

A player claimed that these NPCs would spawn near the Krayt Graveyard on Tatooine. [4]

A player claimed to have looted a Holocron from this NPC. [3]


A Dark Trooper
A Dark Trooper
A Dark Trooper (old stats) [3]

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A Dark Trooper

NPC Basics
Name A Dark Trooper
Planet All
Type Npcs
Stype Android
Social Group Imperial
Faction Imperial

Armor Rating None AR0
Acid SP 50
Blast EFF 20
Cold SP 50
Electricity SP 50
Energy EFF 20
Heat SP 50
Kinetic SP 40
Lightsaber VUL 0
Stun VUL 0

NPC Offensive Stats
Level 35
To hit 40%
Damage 305-320
XP 3551
HAM 8600-10500
Special 1
Special 2
Weapons Stormtrooper Weapons

Aggro 0
Can't Be Harmed 0
Healer 0
Herd 0
Killer 1
Offers Missions 0
Pack 1
Stalker 0

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