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Planet - Tatooine

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Tatooine (pronounced /tætu'in/) was a desert world in a binary star system in the Arkanis Sector of the Outer Rim Territories.

It was inhabited by poor locals who mostly farmed moisture for a living. Other activities included used equipment retailing and scrap dealing. The planet was on the 5709-DC Shipping Lane, a spur of the Triellus Trade Route, which itself connected to the Sisar Run. The planet was not far from the Corellian Run. It had its own navigation system. However, it would still play a role in galactic events, serving as the home of Anakin Skywalker and the place where his son Luke would be kept safe until his early adulthood.

Tatooine Map

Planet Info

System: Tatoo System
Sector: Arkanis
Region: Outer rim
Distance from Core: 43,000 Light Years
Suns: 2
Moons: 3
Rotation Period: 23 Hours
Class: Arid Rock
Diameter: 10,465km
Surface Water: 1%
Population: 200,000

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Planet Map

Planetary map of Tatooine

Planet Map

Planetary map of Tatooine

Points Of Interest

Planet POI Map

POI map of Naboo

Planet Region Map

Region map of Tatooine


Tatooine - Panorama Shot
Tatooine - Panorama Shot
Tatooine - Panorama Shot
Tatooine - Panorama Shot
Tatooine - Panorama Shot

Tattoine Wild Life

Tatooine is thought to have been one of the oldest planets in known space and was composed of a molten core with a rocky mantle and silicate rock crust. Fossil records suggest Tatooine was once covered in large oceans, which dried up, leaving behind many geological formations including Beggar's Canyon formed around 2,000,000 BBY. Other notable geological features included the Dune Sea, an enormous desert, Mushroom Mesa a vast formation of giant standing stones, and the Jundland Wastes, a rocky region.

Tatooine is hot and arid as it was heated by two nearby suns, Tatoo I and Tatoo II. In fact, it was so brightly lit by the suns from space it could appear to be a star itself. Due to the extreme conditions, only a relatively mild region of its northern hemisphere was habitable. Surface water covered less than 1% of the planet.

Despite the planet's extreme aridity, many forms of life thrived on Tatooine; flora included the razor moss, funnel flowers, and Hubba gourds. Non-sentient life indigenous to Tatooine included:

Star Wars Lore

From the OS Databank.

The Old Republic and the Empire that supplanted it paid very little attention to the remote planet Tatooine. Ironically, beings that called this dusty world home would be influential in bringing down both galactic governments.

Tatooine rests in the distant Outer Rim, beyond the reaches of Republic and Imperial law. Even the Trade Federation lacked a presence on the desert planet. Poor, with very little industry to boast, Tatooine is a mixture of hard-working locals attempting to extract a living from the unforgiving environment and transients visiting the world for illegal ventures. Tatooine is controlled by the Hutts, and their shady operations bring many spacers, bounty hunters, thieves and other malcontents to the planet's few port cities.

Tatooine has a seemingly endless desert environment cooked by the intense energy of twin yellow suns. Rocky mesas, canyons and arroyos break up the monotony of kilometers of shifting dunes. The days are hot and the nights are frigid. The air is dry and the soil is parched. Yet life persists on Tatooine, in varied, hardy forms. Indigenous sentient life includes the scavenging Jawas and the fearsome Tusken Raiders. Creatures found roaming the desert include banthas, rontos, dewbacks, scurriers, womp rats, krayt dragons and eopies.

Sporadic colonization attempts have resulted in scattered communities separated by vast gulfs of wilderness. On the edge of the Dune Sea is Mos Eisley, arguably Tatooine's busiest port during the time of the Empire. Not too far away are Mos Espa, Anchorhead, and Bestine township.

If not involved in Hutt business, most colonists on the planet eke out a meager existence as moisture farmers. Small homesteads employ devices called moisture vaporators to tug what little water vapor is suspended in Tatooine's air. This moisture is then used to irrigate underground crops or is sold directly to interested parties.

At a young age, Anakin Skywalker was brought to Tatooine as a slave, and toiled away in Mos Espa before being discovered by Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn. A generation later, Anakin's son, Luke Skywalker, grew up on the Lars homestead moisture farm. The two were destined for greatness far beyond the desert planet.

Expanded Universe

Though the Arkanis sector is exceedingly remote, it is permeated by a number of high-traffic hyperspace routes. Several of these join in a point in space close to Tatooine. Thus, the planet -- which would probably have gone unvisited otherwise -- became a busy stop-off point for travelers heading elsewhere.

Tatooine's silicate surface reflects the light of its suns so intensely that legends tell of its original explorers first mistaking the planet as a third, smaller sun. Also in the system is a pair of uninhabited gas giants, Adriana and Ohann.

The first settlers of the planet -- called "oldsters" in local folklore -- sought to turn a profit by exploiting the ore found beneath the sands. The magnetic ore was soon discovered to have undesirable metallurgic properties. The weary miners and investors abandoned their failed mines and equipment, looking to distance themselves from this Core-forsaken world.

Not all could afford to leave. Those that stayed behind turned to moisture farming and trading to survive. When the Hutts came to Tatooine, so too did their wealth and illicit business. Tatooine was given newfound life as a trading post and backdrop for Hutt commerce.

A combination of magnetic ore desposits, twin stellar radiation, and prevailing wind patterns has made one patch of Tatooine's surface more habitable than neighboring areas. It is this zone -- where temperatures rarely exceed 43 degrees standard -- that is home to most of Tatooine's population centers. The official capital of Tatooine is Bestine, located some 200 kilometers west of Mos Eisley. Other communities include Mos Espa, Motesta, Wayfar, Anchorhead, Arnthout, Mos Taike and Mos Entha.