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SWG NPCs - A Dune Stalker

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The Dune Stalkers were a group of criminals on the desert world Tatooine at the time of the Galactic Civil War.

Players claimed that a Dune Stalker NPC that normally hits for around 100 damage used Advanced Strafe and hit him for around 500 damage. He did not specify if it was from this particular NPC or one of the other Dune Stalker NPCs. [3][5]

One player put the Gaming Table Schematic on a list of things that could be looted from Dune Stalker NPCs. It was not clear if it was for this particular NPC or one of the other Dune Stalker NPCs. [4]


A Dune Stalker

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A Dune Stalker

NPC Basics
Name A Dune Stalker
Planet Tatooine
Type Npcs
Stype Humanoid
Social Group Dune Stalker
Faction Dune Stalker

Armor Rating None AR0
Acid - -
Blast - -
Cold - -
Electricity - -
Energy - -
Heat - -
Kinetic - -
Lightsaber VUL 0
Stun VUL 0

NPC Offensive Stats
Level 8
To hit 27%
Damage 70-75
XP 235
HAM 405-495
Speed 2
Special 1 Advanced Strafe
Special 2
Weapons Tusken Weapons

Aggro 1
Can't Be Harmed 0
Healer 0
Herd 0
Killer 0
Offers Missions 0
Pack 1
Stalker 1
Loot 1

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