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Tatooine (City) - Anchorhead

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Anchorhead was one of the first settlements on Tatooine. Abandoned and resettled many times, it lost significance until it was only a minor outpost for several nearby moisture farms in which Luke Skywalker and his friends spent much of their free time. The Jawas often referred to Anchorhead as "Old City New". Anchorhead was part of the Great Chott Salt Flat region.

City Info

City Data
CityName: Anchorhead
Region: Great Chott Salt Flat
Waypoint: 65, -5330

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Anchorhead was one of the oldest settlements located on the planet Tatooine and was established in 4,200 BBY. Located nearly 800 kilometers from Mos Eisley, it was originally a mining outpost, and was abandoned and resettled many times, as each mining company came to discover the poor quality of the ore located there. The most notable of the mining operations was carried out by Czerka Corporation in 3956 BBY.

The companies would abandon their equipment each time, due to the prohibitive costs of transporting them off-world, and the indigenous Jawas would take them as their own. This gave rise to the use of Sandcrawlers -- mobile smelting machines -- as mobile homes for the Jawas.

Revan and his companions landed at Anchorhead in 3956 BBY. They hoped to locate a hidden Star Map, a technological remnant of the Infinite Empire, which would help them find the Star Forge. At the time, Czerka Corporation's mining operations were being impeded by frequent Sandpeople attacks. Revan offered his assistance, and in fact was able to earn the Tusken Raiders' trust enough to negotiate with them. They could not agree to stop the attacks, but the Sandpeople did agree to free some of their prisoners, including several Jawas and Mission Vao's brother, Griff Vao.

Anchorhead was later abandoned by Czerka Corporation, due not only to the Sandpeople's hostility, but to the low-quality ore. It is unknown how the settlement fared after Czerka pulled out, although it had become permanently populated by the time of the Galactic Empire. During Czerka's time on the planet, several hunters made their living there as well. A Hunting Lodge had been established for them in Anchorhead, as well as second-rate swoop track, a cantina, and a droid shop.

By the time of the Galactic Empire, Anchorhead, along with other settlements on Tatooine, had become permanently populated. It could be found a few miles east of the Lars' Homestead, south of the now-bustling spaceport of Mos Eisley. Anchorhead itself primarily consisted of moisture farmers. It was governed by the Anchorhead Municipal Council.

Anchorhead itself contained a dozen pourstone stores, two cantinas (including The Weary Traveler), a market, and Tosche Station on the outskirts of town.

During the Galactic Civil war, Anchorhead Base served as a base for rebel operatives assigned to purchase black market weapons from nearby cities.

Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo stopped there to evade the Empire on their quest to find a piece of Alderaan art, Killik Twilight.

NPC & Facilities Lists

Trainers / NPCs

Type Waypoint
2-1B Surgical Droid 58, -5362
Junk Dealer 110, -5429
a Rebel Recruiter 137, -5349
a Rebel Recruiter 69, -5349
Ticket Collector (Shuttleport) 38, -5332
Doctor Trainer 131, -5362


Type Waypoint
Banking Terminal 67, -5350
Banking Terminal 57, -5350
Bazaar Terminal 63, -5349
Bazaar Terminal 60, -5349
Cantina/Tavern 124, -5364
Cloning Terminal 69, -5358
Cloning Terminal 61, -5357
Medical Center 133, -5631
Rebel Mission Terminal 131, -5354
Rebel Mission Terminal 131, -5352
Shuttleport 47, -5320
Ticket Terminal (Shuttleport) 57, -5333


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