Artisan - Business III (Skill)

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Skill - Business III: Business Ownership

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Master Artisan
Engineering IV
Complex Systems
Domestic Arts IV
Clothing Repair
Business IV
Business Diversity
Surveying IV
Regional Surveying
Engineering III
Advanced Concepts
Domestic Arts III
Basic Desserts
Business III
Business Ownership
Surveying III
Exceptional Results
Engineering II
Hardware Design
Domestic Arts II
Simple Tailoring
Business II
Advanced Sales
Surveying II
Increased Range
Engineering I
Domestic Arts I
Simple Cooking
Business I
Access Fees
Surveying I
Improved Results
Novice Artisan

Skill Summary

At the "Business Ownership" skill level, an Artisan can place a vendor in any public structure they own. Initially the Artisan may only select a bulky machine style vendor, but as the Hiring skill mod increases, more vendor types become available. To place a vendor, select "Create Vendor" from your structure's management terminal.

SkillPoint Cost 4
Experience Cost 3000 General Crafting
Credit Cost 3000
Title Gained

Skill Mods

Modifier Value
Hiring +10
Vendor Item Limit +100
Vendors +1

Commands & Abilities Granted