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Ability - Berserk 1

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/berserk1: While berserk, you cause more melee damage to your targets but get hit more often in return.

Berserk in action

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Ability Breakdown & Details

Berserk is used by the player to increase melee damage by a value of 75 added to their min and max damage. Berserk does not work with any other weapon aside from melee weapons or unarmed and once the state is on the player, the player may not use special attacks although healing actions are allowed.

Berserk1 has a duration of 30 seconds Where as Berserk 2 has a duration of 120 seconds.

Ability Flow

<graphviz> digraph G {

       rankdir = LR;
       node [shape=record, width=.2, height=.2];
       node [width=1];
       node1 [color="#929292", label = "Step 01", style="bold", fontname="arial", fontcolor="#929292", URL="Test101"];
       node2 [color="orange", label = "Step 02", style="bold", fontname="arial", fontcolor="#458CAF", URL="Test102"];
       node3 [color="orange", label = "Step 03", style="bold", fontname="arial", fontcolor="#458CAF", URL="Test101"];
       node1 -> node2:w [color="#929292"];
       node2:w -> node3:e [color="#515FCA", constraint=false];

} </graphviz>

System Messages

ID Path Filename Trigger Message Notes Examples
berserk_fail_single /string/en/ cbt_spam.stf You fail to go berserk. Example
berserk_success_single /string/en/ cbt_spam.stf You go berserk! Example

SUI Prompt

ID Path Filename Trigger Window Title Window Description Button1 Label Button2 Label Button3 Label
1 /path/goes/here filename.stf Internal SUI label SUI Window Description SUI Window Label SUI Button Label SUI Button Label SUI Button Label

Combat Chat Spam

ID Path Filename Trigger Message Other Player's Message
berserk_fail /string/en/ cbt_spam.stf You try to go berserk, but it's no use, you're too calm. %TU seems to be trying to act angry.
berserk_success /string/en/ cbt_spam.stf You go berserk! %TU goes berserk!

Fly Text

ID Path Filename Trigger Message Notes Examples
go_berserk /string/en/ combat_effects.stf internal_command_string +Berserk+ Example
no_berserk /string/en/ combat_effects.stf -Berserk- Example


One way in which Unarmed melee combat differs from other forms of combat is that players have a base amount of damage they can do without requiring a weapon. This damage range is 10-20 and is referred to as player base unarmed damage. All players have this base unarmed damage regardless of their current profession choices and it is usable once they unequip all other weapons with the exception of vibro knuckler or other unarmed specific items.

Berserk 1 and 2 offers a damage stat value of +75.

damage stats: Damage modifier for weapon style from stats (for example, Berserk, Unarmed Damage,

damage stat = unarmed damage mod + berserk damage amount

  • initial min damage = ( player base unarmed damage min + damageweapon min damage + damage stat) * profession damage mod * special move damage mod * posture damage bonus * damage bonus
  • initial max damage = ( player base unarmed damage max + damageweapon max damage + damage stat) * profession damage mod * special move damage mod * posture damage bonus * damage bonus

Example of berserk in action:

Non trandoshan or Wookiee Teras kasi master (+250 unarmed damage modifier and 10-20 base unarmed damage) with vibro knuckles doing 100-300 damage and the player uses berserk on an opponent that is knocked down.

1. damage stat = (250 + 75)
2. player unarmed base dmg = 10 min, 20 max
3. (profession damage mod) = 1.5
4. (posture damage bonus multiplier) = 1.5
5. (special move damage mod) = 1 (There is no bonus to apply with this ability)
6. (damage bonus) = 1 (Only jedi characters get a damage bonus mod, there for all other profs are default to 1)

initial min damage = (10 + 100 + (250 + 75) ) x 1.5 x 1 x 1.5 x 1 = 978.75 damage
initial max damage = (20 + 300 + (250 + 75) ) x 1.5 x 1 x 1.5 x 1= 1451.25 damage

Source References

Source Source in Context
Berserk 1
Berserk 2

Ability HAM Costs

Modifier Value
Health Cost 81
Action Cost 54
Mind Cost 4
Force Cost 0

Ability Multipliers

Modifier Value
Health cost 0
Action cost 0
Mind cost 0
Force cost 0
Damage 0
Delay Time 30