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Profession - Brawler

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Skill Tree

Master Brawler
Unarmed IV
Teras Kasi Fundamentals
One-Handed IV
Dance of Blades
Two-Handed IV
Fatal Finesse
Polearms IV
Overwhelming Assault
Unarmed III
Blinding Attack
One-Handed III
Blunt Edge Strikes
Two-Handed III
Polearms III
Power Strikes
Unarmed II
Stunning Attack
One-Handed II
Lethal Strikes
Two-Handed II
Strength & Precision
Polearms II
Form & Balance
Unarmed I
Street Fighting
One-Handed I
Sword Technique
Two-Handed I
Weighted Stances
Polearms I
Long Hafted Weaponry
Novice Brawler

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Profession Overview

Brawler Professions

Brawler is one of the basic starting professions that branches off into 4 elite professions: Teras Kasi Artist, Fencer, Swordsman and Pikeman. Brawler also branches off into 2 hybrid professions: Commando and Smuggler. Brawler abilities are designed around personal combat. The abilities include weapon certifications as well as special techniques. The Brawler abilities also have bonuses to hit and to damage (including unarmed bonuses).

This profession requires 77 skill points to master.

Experience requirements to master:

  • One Handed Weapons: 91,000 (granted by using one handed melee weapons)
  • Pole-Arm Weapons: 91,000 (granted by using designated pole arm weapons)
  • Two-Handed Weapons: 91,000 (granted by using designated two handed weapons)
  • Unarmed Combat  : 91,000 (granted by using vibro knuckler or bare handed)

AP Experience: 0

Game Mechanics
1. Brawler

Getting Started

You can find a Brawler trainer in one of the following locations:


Bela Vistal (6884 -5794)
Bela Vistal (6742 -5716)
Coronet (-272 -4378)
Coronet (-164 -4754)
Doaba Guerfel (3334 5517)
Doaba Guerfel (3216 5239)
Kor Vella (-3193 2799)
Kor Vella (-3123 2791)
Kor Vella (-3399 3396)
Tyrena (-5040 -2328)
Tyrena (-5474 -2755)


Dearic (549 -2934)
Dearic (551 -2886)
Nashal (4409 5287)
Nashal (4286 5395)


Kaadara (5099 6792)
Kaadara (5174 6640)
Keren (1823 2625)
Keren (1537 2757)
Moenia (4999 -4926)
Moenia (4800 -4734)
Moenia (4710 -4997)
Theed (-5942 4253)
Theed (-5467 4089)
Theed (-4858 4087)
Theed (-4684 3947)


Bestine (-1277 -3539)
Bestine (-1266 3596)
Mos Eisley (3460 -4658)
Mos Entha (1311 3088)
Mos Entha (1387 3043)
Mos Entha (1741 3117)
Mos Espa (-2932 2125)
Mos Espa (-3030 2431)


Narmle (-5211 -2449)
Narmle (-5211 -2443)
Restuss (5457 5814)
Restuss (5335 5530)

Yavin IV

Labor Outpost (-6921 -5761)

Skill Modifiers



Ability Details Ability Activation Ability Granted At Ability CRC
Berserk 1 (Ability) /berserk1 <target> Novice Brawler Berserk1
Berserk 2 (Ability) /berserk2 <target> Master Brawler Berserk2
Center of Being (Ability) /centerofbeing <target> Novice Brawler Centerofbeing
Intimidate 1 (Ability) /intimidate1 <target> Novice Brawler Intimidate1
Intimidate 2 (Ability) /intimidate2 <target> Master Brawler Intimidate2
One Hand Body Hit 1 (Ability) /melee1hbodyhit1 <target> One-Handed II Melee1hbodyhit1
One Hand Dizzy 1 (Ability) /melee1hdizzyhit1 <target> One-Handed III Melee1hdizzyhit1
One Hand Hit 1 (Ability) /melee1hhit1 <target> One-Handed I Melee1hhit1
One Hand Lunge 1 (Ability) /melee1hlunge1 <target> Novice Brawler Melee1hlunge1
One Hand Lunge 2 (Ability) /melee1hlunge2 <target> Master Brawler Melee1hlunge2
One Hand Spin Attack 1 (Ability) /melee1hspinattack1 <target> One-Handed IV Melee1hspinattack1
Polearm Hit 1 (Ability) /polearmhit1 <target> Polearms I Polearmhit1
Polearm Leg Hit 1 (Ability) /polearmleghit1 <target> Polearms II Polearmleghit1
Polearm Lunge 1 (Ability) /polearmlunge1 <target> Novice Brawler Polearmlunge1
Polearm Lunge 2 (Ability) /polearmlunge2 <target> Master Brawler Polearmlunge2
Polearm Spin Attack 1 (Ability) /polearmspinattack1 <target> Polearms IV Polearmspinattack1
Polearm Stun 1 (Ability) /polearmstun1 <target> Polearms III Polearmstun1
Taunt (Ability) /taunt <target> Novice Brawler Taunt
Two Hand Head Hit 1 (Ability) /melee2hheadhit1 <target> Two-Handed II Melee2hheadhit1
Two Hand Hit 1 (Ability) /melee2hhit1 <target> Two-Handed I Melee2hhit1
Two Hand Lunge 1 (Ability) /melee2hlunge1 <target> Novice Brawler Melee2hlunge1
Two Hand Lunge 2 (Ability) /melee2hlunge2 <target> Master Brawler Melee2hlunge2
Two Hand Spin Attack 1 (Ability) /melee2hspinattack1 <target> Two-Handed IV Melee2hspinattack1
Two Hand Sweep 1 (Ability) /melee2hsweep1 <target> Two-Handed III Melee2hsweep1
Unarmed Blind 1 (Ability) /unarmedblind1 <target> Unarmed III Unarmedblind1
Unarmed Hit 1 (Ability) /unarmedhit1 <target> Unarmed I Unarmedhit1
Unarmed Lunge 1 (Ability) /unarmedlunge1 <target> Novice Brawler Unarmedlunge1
Unarmed Lunge 2 (Ability) /unarmedlunge2 <target> Master Brawler Unarmedlunge2
Unarmed Spin Attack 1 (Ability) /unarmedpinattack1 <target> Unarmed IV Unarmedspinattack1
Unarmed Stun 1 (Ability) /unarmedstun1 <target> Unarmed II Unarmedstun1
Warcry 1 (Ability) /warcry1 <target> Novice Brawler Warcry1
Warcry 2 (Ability) /warcry2 <target> Master Brawler Warcry2

Schematics Granted


Community Information

Brawler Forum:

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