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Bestine is one of the largest static cities on Tatooine. It is considered by the Empire to be Tatooine's capitol city. It contains most city services a city could provide and is a popular landing point for many areas on the planet, because of its central location. New characters who wish to begin an Imperial Pilot career on Tatooine will be directed to the city, where the first Imperial Pilot Trainer for the planet is located.

Bestine is the Imperial stronghold city for Tatooine. Imperials will always be in control of the city, even if Rebels are winning the war on the planet and have control of all other cities. Lower level Rebels are advised to stay away--unless you want to be attacked by Storm Troopers.

Bestine also houses the capitol building for Tatooine. Within the capitol are two candidates who are perpetually running against one another. Players can do minor quests to secure their support for a given candidate and depending on the outcome of the election possibly receive a reward for their support. One example of this reward is a decorative rug.

Architects and art lovers also like Bestine for its museum located near the capitol building. Inside, players can pay for a limited use schematic of a peice of art. The artwork changes on a regular basis, and the schematic typically costs 48,000 credits and has three uses.

City Info

City Data
CityName: Bestine
Region: Great Chott Salt Flat
Waypoint: -1267, -3670

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It was considered the only metropolis on Tatooine and the only totally civilized city anywhere on the desert world. Bestine was also the only city on Tatooine to be permanently occupied by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War. One location of note within the city was the Museum of Tatooine. The Tatooine Visitors Bureau operated out of Bestine.

Bestine was founded by colonists from the water-world Bestine IV in 99 BBY, which may account for the fact that, a century later, skyhoppers were closely associated with both places.

On their way to Mos Eisley in 0 BBY, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker spent a night in Bestine.

NPC & Facilities Lists

Trainers / NPCs

Type Waypoint
Architect Trainer -1272, -3515
Architect Trainer -1255, -3567
Armorsmith Trainer -1245, -3505
Artisan Trainer -1167, -3490
Artisan Trainer -1266, -3559
Bio-Engineer Trainer -1444, -3749
Brawler Trainer -1266, -3596
Brawler Trainer -1277, -3539
Chef Trainer -1178, -3681
Droid Engineer Trainer -1259, -3496
Entertainer Trainer -1273, -3630
Marksman Trainer -1257, -3603
Marksman Trainer -1272, -3538
Medic Trainer -1312, -3483
Medic Trainer -1263, -3576
Merchant Trainer -1257, -3527
Merchant Trainer -1454, -3584
Politician Trainer -1125, -3616
Scout Trainer -1256, -3582
Scout Trainer -1292, -3560
Squad Leader Trainer -1019, -3532
Tailor Trainer -1348, -3677
Tatooine Imperial Pilot 2 Trainer -1160, -3591
Weaponsmith Trainer -1259, -3507


Type Waypoint
Banking Terminal -1267, -3670
Bounty Hunter Mission Terminal -1445, -3658
Cantina -1007, -3544
Capitol Building -1131, -3614
Cloning Terminal -1424, -3783
Guild Hall -1188, -3515
Guild Hall -1238, -3527
Guild Hall -1237, -3578
Image Designer Tent -1440, -3700
Imperial Mission Terminal -1068, -3595
Imperial Mission Terminal -1134, -3898
Imperial Post -1137, -3889
Museum -1095, -3661
PA Hall -1130, -3540
Shuttle Port -1090, -3558
Starport -1294, -3590


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