Brawler - Two-Handed II (Skill)

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Skill - Two-Handed II: Strength & Precision

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Master Brawler
Unarmed IV
Teras Kasi Fundamentals
One-Handed IV
Dance of Blades
Two-Handed IV
Fatal Finesse
Polearms IV
Overwhelming Assault
Unarmed III
Blinding Attack
One-Handed III
Blunt Edge Strikes
Two-Handed III
Polearms III
Power Strikes
Unarmed II
Stunning Attack
One-Handed II
Lethal Strikes
Two-Handed II
Strength & Precision
Polearms II
Form & Balance
Unarmed I
Street Fighting
One-Handed I
Sword Technique
Two-Handed I
Weighted Stances
Polearms I
Long Hafted Weaponry
Novice Brawler

Skill Summary

Strength & Precision improves the Brawler's ability to use weighty two-handed weapons.

SkillPoint Cost 3
Experience Cost 5000 Two Handed Weapons
Credit Cost 2000
Title Gained

Skill Mods

Modifier Value
Two-handed Melee Accuracy +10
Two-handed Melee Center Of Being +2
Two-handed Melee Center of Being Efficacy +10
Two-handed Melee Speed +5

Commands & Abilities Granted




Two Hand Head Hit 1


Two-handed Curved Sword