Brawler - Polearms IV (Skill)

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Skill - Polearms IV: Overwhelming Assault

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Master Brawler
Unarmed IV
Teras Kasi Fundamentals
One-Handed IV
Dance of Blades
Two-Handed IV
Fatal Finesse
Polearms IV
Overwhelming Assault
Unarmed III
Blinding Attack
One-Handed III
Blunt Edge Strikes
Two-Handed III
Polearms III
Power Strikes
Unarmed II
Stunning Attack
One-Handed II
Lethal Strikes
Two-Handed II
Strength & Precision
Polearms II
Form & Balance
Unarmed I
Street Fighting
One-Handed I
Sword Technique
Two-Handed I
Weighted Stances
Polearms I
Long Hafted Weaponry
Novice Brawler

Skill Summary

Overwhelming Assault completes teh Brawler's training with basic polearm like weaponry. The Brawler learns to strike quickly and effectively with these large and cumbersome weapons.

SkillPoint Cost 5
Experience Cost 70000 Polearm Weapons
Credit Cost 4000
Title Gained Apprentice Pikeman

Skill Mods

Modifier Value
Polearm Accuracy +10
Polearm Center Of Being Duration +1
Polearm Center Of Being Efficacy +5
Polearm Speed +5
Polearm Toughness +4

Commands & Abilities Granted




Polearm Spin Attack 1