Creature Knowledge (Skill Modifier)

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Skill Modifier - Creature Knowledge

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A player with a high creature knowledge will learn more about the creature when he examines it.

Creature Knowledge with ranger + force sensitive skill mod

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Skill Mod Details

Creature Knowledge – This increases the amount of information that you can learn about a creature using the /examine function. At Master Scout and Ranger, you can learn a large amount of information, including whether or not they’ll deathblow and what kinds of hide and meat you’ll receive from them when they’re harvested. A force sensitive character with only the +5 mod will be able to see aggressive/stalker nature on creatures.

Creature Knowledge Modifier
LEVEL +Mod/Total (represents +Mod for that box/Total Creature Knowledge)
Creature Information gained

Armor rating
Combat Difficulty (star /consider rating)
(Standard information available to all players when using /examine on a creature)

aggressive - yes/no
stalker - yes/no

HUNTING 1 +5/10
tamable: yes/no

HUNTING 2 +10/20
Hide Type
Meat Type

HUNTING 3 +10/30
Deathblows: yes/no

HUNTING 4 +10/40
Ferocity: (number level)

difficulty level: (number)

No new information gained

TRACKING 1 +5/60
No new information gained

TRACKING 2 +10/70
Special Attack 1 -- type

TRACKING 3 +10/80
Special Attack 2 -- type

TRACKING 4 +10/90
Base To-Hit: (number)

Damage: (number)

Force Sensitive + MR +5/105
No new information gained

Interesting note: The +5 FS creature knowledge mod only seems to be useful to someone with no scout skills, or with only the novice box – which would give that player “aggressive/stalker” and “tamable” info respectively. Otherwise, +5 doesn’t seem to boost you to the next level of creature knowledge.



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