Droid Precision (Skill Modifier)

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Skill Modifier - Droid Precision

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This skill modifier value affects the Bounty Hunter player's success rate when it comes to utilizing a Bounty Hunter's droid 'find' feature.

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Skill Mod Details

Droid precision is a complement to the skill: droid track and droid find. Droid Precision and Tracking Droid Precision SEA's modifiers will add to this and will narrow how far away a mark is in relation to the way point created. When a player gets within a certain distance (500m) the mark stops moving and the waypoint stops updating. The mark will be anywhere within the 500 meter radius but will only spawn when within 108meters. The droid precision skill is useful in bringing the wp as close to the mark as possible within this 500 meter search area. In effect it seems that precision changes the accuracy potential of the spawn, but still allowing for even a master bounty hunter to have a mark that is at times off from the waypoint coordinates. Accuracy at Master Bounty Hunter can be around 25m to 50 off from the updated waypoint.

Droid Precision also has the effect of decreasing the chance of an arakyd droid encountering random events such as being eaten by a mynock or being destroyed by a meteor when trying to find which planet the mark is on.

No known formula exists for how to calculate the chance to decrease random events from occuring when using the droid nor for calculating the affect on accuracy between the target's waypoint and actual spawn position. We could perhaps make it so that there is always at least a 5% chance to lose a droid no matter what at 155 skill mod and always a 5% chance to succeed (at 0 skill mod) and scale it between that.



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