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Profession - Bounty Hunter

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Skill Tree

Master Bounty Hunter
Investigation IV
Bounty Carbine Specialization IV
Bounty Pistol Specialization IV
Light Lightning Cannon Specialization IV
Investigation III
Bounty Carbine Specialization III
Bounty Pistol Specialization III
Light Lightning Cannon Specialization III
Investigation II
Bounty Carbine Specialization II
Bounty Pistol Specialization II
Light Lightning Cannon Specialization II
Investigation I
Bounty Carbine Specialization I
Bounty Pistol Specialization I
Light Lightning Cannon Specialization I
Novice Bounty Hunter

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Profession Overview

Bounty Hunter is a hybrid profession that stems from the Marksman and Scout professions. Bounty Hunters can use a wide range of weapons against a variety of targets including bounty targets against other players.

Bounty Hunter Features

Getting Started

You can find a Bounty Hunter trainer in one of the following locations:


Tyrena (-5130, -2304)
Tyrena (-5129 , -2360) ?




Keren (2087, 2575)


Mos Eisley (3358, -4840)
Wayfar (-5151, -6588)


Narmle (-5232, -2241)

Skill Modifiers


Ability Details Ability Activation Ability Granted At Ability CRC
Bleeding Shot (Ability) /bleedingshot <target> Bounty Pistol Specialization I Bleedingshot
Confusion Shot (Ability) /confusionshot <target> Bounty Carbine Specialization IV Confusionshot
Droid Find (Ability) [[ ]] Investigation I [[ ]]
Droid Track (Ability) [[ ]] Investigation III [[ ]]
Eye Shot (Ability) /eyeshot <target> Bounty Pistol Specialization II Eyeshot
Fast Blast (Ability) /fastblast <target> Master Bounty Hunter Fastblast
Fire Knockdown (Ability) /knockdownfire <target> Bounty Carbine Specialization III Knockdownfire
Lightning Cone 1 (Ability) /firelightningcone1 <target> Light Lightning Cannon Specialization II Firelightningcone1
Lightning Cone 2 (Ability) /firelightningcone2 <target> Master Bounty Hunter Firelightningcone2
Lightning Single 1 (Ability) /firelightningsingle1 <target> Light Lightning Cannon Specialization I Firelightningsingle1
Lightning Single 2 (Ability) /firelightningsingle2 <target> Light Lightning Cannon Specialization IV Firelightningsingle2
Ranged Damage Mitigation 1 (Ability) [[ ]] Investigation I [[ ]]
Ranged Damage Mitigation 2 (Ability) [[ ]] Investigation III [[ ]]
Ranged Damage Mitigation 3 (Ability) [[ ]] Master Bounty Hunter [[ ]]
Spray Shot (Ability) /sprayshot <target> Master Bounty Hunter Sprayshot
Torso Shot (Ability) /torsoshot <target> Bounty Pistol Specialization IV Torsoshot
Underhand Shot (Ability) /underhandshot <target> Bounty Carbine Specialization I Underhandshot

Schematics Granted


Community Information

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