Experimental Biological Counteragent (Schematic)

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Schematic - Experimental Biological Counteragent

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Name: Experimental Biological Counteragent

Data: *See schematic for full description

Complexity: 5

Required Tool: Generic Crafting Tool

Schematic Data Size: 1

Granted XP: 0

Practice XP: 0

XP Type: Medicine Crafting

Crafting Tool Tab: Mission

Item Category: Generic Item

Skill Required: Doctor: Master Doctor's Medicine Crafting


Res flora resources.png
Organic Element
Flora Resources 5
Res metal.png
Inorganic Element
Metal 10

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Experimental Properties

Experimental Primary Agent
Overall quality 66%
Potential Energy 33%
Experimental Residual
Residual Chemicals
Overall quality 66%
Potential Energy 33%
Experimental Secondary Agent
Overall quality 66%
Unit Toughness 33%

Schematic Image 1 (Ingredients)

Exp Bio Counteragent FS Schematic.JPG

Schematic Image 2 (Attributes 1)


Schematic Image 3 (Attributes 2)


Item Image 1


Item Image 2


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