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Profession - Doctor

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Skill Tree

Master Doctor
Master Wound Treatment Speed Master Wound Treatment Master Doctor's Medicine Knowledge Master Doctor's Medicine Crafting
Expert Wound Treatment Speed Expert Wound Treatment Expert Doctor's Medicine Knowledge Expert Doctor's Medicine Crafting
Advanced Wound Treatment Speed Advanced Wound Treatment Advanced Doctor's Medicine Knowledge Advanced Doctor's Medicine Crafting
Intermediate Wound Treatment Speed Intermediate Wound Treatment Intermediate Doctor's Medicine Knowledge Intermediate Doctor's Medicine Crafting
Novice Doctor

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Profession Overview

Doctor is one of the elite profession that branches off from Medic. Doctor abilities are designed around crafting medicines and treating patients. The abilities include State curing, resuscitations, dousing flames, buffing and reviving.

Doctor Features


There are 2 types of experience types available to the Doctor profession, Medical and Medicine Crafting.


  • Healing player target Health & Action pools (Self Healing isn't counted)
  • Healing player target Health & Action wounds (Self Healing isn't counted)
  • Resucitating player targets
  • Buffing player targets & Pets (Self buffing isn't counted)

Medicine Crafting

  • Crafting medical objects

Getting Started

You can find a Doctor trainer in one of the following locations:


Coronet (-64, -4435)
Coronet (-109, -4434)
Doaba Guerfel (3275, 5406)
Kor Vella (-3809, 3139)
Tyrena (-4960, -2468)
Tyrena (-5002, -2459)
Tyrena (-4993, -2500)


Nashal (4490, 5182)
Nashal (4503, 5163)


Kaadara (5084, 6626)
Kaadara (5115, 6660)
Kaadara (5021, 6787)
Keren (1948, 2600)
Keren (1950, 2645)
Moenia (4938, -4934)
Moenia (4893, -4933)
Moenia (4887, -4899)
Theed (-5038, 4175)
Theed (-5005, 4145)


Anchorhead (131, -5362)
Mos Eisley (3523, -4946)
Mos Eisley (3529, -4754) ?
Mos Entha (1370, 3164)
Mos Entha (1342, 3287)
Mos Entha (1346, 3296)
Mos Espa (-3161, 2122)
Mos Taike (3788, 2396)


Narmle (-5147, -2206)
Narmle (-5105, -2249)
Narmle (-5101, --2209)
Restuss (5277, 5597)
Restuss (5323, 5595)


Nym's Stronghold (573, 5111)
Nym's Stronghold (586, 5155)

Skill Modifiers


Ability Details Ability Activation Ability Granted At Ability CRC
Cure Disease (Ability) /curedisease <target> Master Wound Treatment Curedisease
Cure Poison (Ability) /curepoison <target> Advanced Wound Treatment Curepoison
Extinguish Fire (Ability) /extinguishFire <target> Expert Wound Treatment Extinguishfire
Heal Enhance (Ability) /healenhance <target> Advanced Wound Treatment Healenhance
Heal State (Ability) /healstate <target> Novice Doctor Healstate
Place Hospital (Ability) [[ ]] Master Doctor [[ ]]
Register Location with Planetary Map (Ability) /registerwithlocation Novice Doctor Registerwithlocation
Revive Player (Ability) /reviveplayer <target> Master Wound Treatment Reviveplayer

Schematics Granted

Misc Items

Resistance Enhancements (Buffs)

Stat Enhancement Medicine (Buffs)

Stat Healing Medicine

State Cure Medicines

Wound Healing Medicines

Community Information

Doctor Forum:

  • Useful information [1]

Trainer Locations:

  • Allakhazam [2]

Former Correspondents:

  • MasterNerfSlayer [3]