Force Healing (Game Mechanics)

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Game Documentation - Force Healing Mechanics

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Mechanics This document is about game mechanics.

Force Healing This document is related to the Force Healing Profession.


Healing abilities in the Force Healing trees do no grant experience. This was instituted by soe to prevent afk grinding.


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Skill Modifiers

Force Power Max
Force Power Regeneration

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Ability List

Command CRC Ability Details %
forcecuredisease 0288BA78 Force Cure Disease (Ability)
forcecurepoison 99EA3DC1 Force Cure Poison (Ability)
healactionself1 8BCFC965 Heal Action Self 1 (Ability)
healactionself2 868CEFBC Heal Action Self 2 (Ability)
healactionwoundother1 7F091BDA Heal Action Wound Other 1 (Ability)
healactionwoundother2 724A3D03 Heal Action Wound Other 2 (Ability)
healactionwoundself1 2D33AC6C Heal Action Wound Self 1 (Ability)
healactionwoundself2 20708AB5 Heal Action Wound Self 2 (Ability)
healallother1 9FFECF2E Heal All Other 1 (Ability)
healallother2 92BDE9F7 Heal All Other 2 (Ability)
healallself1 1132654E Heal All Self 1 (Ability)
healallself2 1C714397 Heal All Self 2 (Ability)
healbattlefatigueother1 B2C6E8A9 Heal Battle Fatigue Other 1 (Ability)
healbattlefatigueother2 BF85CE70 Heal Battle Fatigue Other 2 (Ability)
healbattlefatigueself1 C3074419 Heal Battle Fatigue Self 1 (Ability)
healbattlefatigueself2 CE4462C0 Heal Battle Fatigue Self 2 (Ability)
healhealthself1 AFC151D3 Heal Health Self 1 (Ability)
healhealthself2 A282770A Heal Health Self 2 (Ability)
healhealthwoundother1 EEEE94CA Heal Health Wound Other 1 (Ability)
healhealthwoundother2 E3ADB213 Heal Health Wound Other 2 (Ability)
healhealthwoundself1 9F16F755 Heal Health Wound Self 1 (Ability)
healhealthwoundself2 9255D18C Heal Health Wound Self 2 (Ability)
healmindself1 77754ACC Heal Mind Self 1 (Ability)
healmindself2 7A366C15 Heal Mind Self 2 (Ability)
healmindwoundother1 21BB7ADA Heal Mind Wound Other 1 (Ability)
healmindwoundother2 2CF85C03 Heal Mind Wound Other 2 (Ability)
healmindwoundself1 2D6D1E0D Heal Mind Wound Self 1 (Ability)
healmindwoundself2 202E38D4 Heal Mind Wound Self 2 (Ability)
healstatesother 6831F67A Heal States Other (Ability)
healstatesself 2E286256 Heal States Self (Ability)
stopbleeding 650449D9 Stop Bleeding (Ability)
totalhealother 6B370958 Total Heal Other (Ability)
totalhealself 18E5D089 Total Heal Self (Ability)