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Game Mechanics

Item variations are a unique customization feature that allows a player to choose a different appearance type for a particular object. The ability to select an item variation comes during the sixth and final step in the crafting process. Item variations are basically derivatives of the base parent Item. A player may choose from the list of style variations available to an item by selecting the drop list box in the upper left corner under the Choose Appearance label for the item. By default the the original draft schematic file object is the first and default selection, and any variations on this object are under it. When the player selects a variation, the name in the customization field is renamed to reflect the variation type's name and it will be given a different appearance as well to reflect the choosing of a different object.

Note: Each variation is essentially its own unique object, not a derivative of a base object, but it is still subject to object renaming rules when object types are selected in the list. The base original object (first object on the list) is used to determine whether or not the "variation of" attributes are placed on the items. Any time a variation is selected, the base object's name is changed and therefore sets off the object renaming rules.

Item Variation Packet Captures

Item Variation Types

The types of item variations available are as follows:




Item Variation Listings

The item variation lists provide information that link what is believed to be the appropriate iff file with each object variation type. To determine which iff belongs with a particular object, look at the tables found on each page below. The following information about the table column structure should be helpful:

Object File Path - This just represents the directory location of the first object that appears on the variation tab in the craft window. This is always the item produced by the draft schematic. The variations for this particular object are found in the style variation paths and are listed below it on the craft window.

Object File - This is the actual object file associated with the draft schematic.

Style Variation Object File Path - This is the directory location in the object files that the particular file can be found in

Style Variation Object File - This is the actual file believed to be used for that particular style variation.




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