Merchant - Master Merchant (Skill)

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Skill - Master Merchant

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Master Merchant
Advertising IV
Advertising Efficiency
Efficiency IV
Hiring IV
Called Uniforms
Management IV
Additional Vendor
Advertising III
Planetary Ad Campaign
Efficiency III
Increased Market
Hiring III
Complete Hiring
Management III
Additional Vendor
Advertising II
Advanced Vocalization
Efficiency II
Hiring II
Expanded Hiring
Management II
Additional Vendor
Advertising I
Vocalization Training
Efficiency I
Hiring I
Selective Hiring
Management I
Additional Vendor
Novice Merchant

Skill Summary

SkillPoint Cost 1
Experience Cost 0 Apprenticeship
Credit Cost 10000
Title Gained Master Merchant

Skill Mods

Modifier Value
Hiring +10
Vendor Item Limit +1000
Vendors +2

Commands & Abilities Granted




Reduced Vendor Fees