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Game Documentation - Musician Mechanics

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Mechanics This document is about game mechanics.

Musician This document is related to the Musician Profession.

Ability List

Command CRC Ability Details %
Ballad (Song) (Ability)
colorlights B008CBFA Colored Lights (Ability)
dazzle 9C7713A5 Dazzle (Ability)
firejet 35ED32BE Firejet (Ability)
Funk (Song) (Ability)
Jazz (Song) (Ability)
Place Cantina (Ability)
Place Theater (Ability)
registerwithlocation BC150016 Register Location with Planetary Map (Ability)
Virtuoso (Song) (Ability)
setperformancebufftarget E78EAFDD SetPerformanceBuffTarget (Ability)
spotlight ED4AA746 Spot Light (Ability)
Starwars4 (Song) (Ability)
ventriloquism 6CB6978F Ventriloquism (Ability)
Waltz (Song) (Ability)
Western (Song) (Ability)

Skill Modifiers

Battle Fatigue Healing (Music)
Instrument Assembly
Music Knowledge
Musical Mind Enhancement
Wound Healing (Music)

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