Tracking Droid Effectiveness (Skill Modifier)

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Skill Modifier - Tracking Droid Effectiveness

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This skill modifier value affects the Bounty Hunter player's success rate when it comes to utilizing a Bounty Hunter's droid 'track' feature.

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Skill Mod Details

While a player is using the Find and Track Target ability available to seeker probe droids, Tracking Droid Effectiveness modifiers come into play. Tracking droid effectiveness modifiers help determine the chance that each tracking attempt will result in a success or failure at the end of each interval. If a track attempt is successful then the waypoint coordinate is updated and the droid continues to update until the next attempt comes up. If the attempt roll fails then the droid ceases tracking and the player must use another droid to continue tracking. Presumably each point in a tracking droid modifier yields a 1% chance to succeed in the tracking attempt thus Players with +100 tracking effectiveness have presumably, a 100% success rate for each track attempt while using the Find and Track Target ability.



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