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Ability - Underworld IV

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A Smuggler's work puts him in contact with a lot of people in high places. A Smuggler can draw upon these connections to improve his standing with various organizations....at a price.

Command: /command
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Ability Breakdown & Details

Conversation with Faction Recruiter Pre pub 13
Buying faction points Post pub 13

At Underworld IV you get Connections which lets you Buy Faction: 20,000c = 200FP or 100,000c = 1000FP. There are however several limitations to this ability:

  • You cannot buy any faction if your enemy faction is over 200, "You are a known (insert enemy) sympathizer..."
  • You cannot buy faction if your current total in that faction is equal to your faction cap (dictated by what rank you are in the faction). Note: purchasing more faction than you can hold will result in filling your faction point count up to your limit and then losing any excess FP
  • You cannot buy faction from an opposing recruiter if you're aligned with the opposing faction

To use this skill go to the recruiter who's faction you want to buy into and select, "I would like to make a donation to your cause" dialog.

Why would I buy faction then? The ability to buy faction allows you to maintain positive faction on both sides, if you do not get in too many scuffles. This gives the Smuggler a bit more freedom in being able to switch sides as he/she pleases and allows you to go to any theme park or story line quest.

Also with the ability to /delegatefaction in the game you can sell faction points as a commodity to other players. The cost is ruinous, and if you are not at least a Colonel in rank you will lose a significant amount of faction in the trade as well, but some folks are willing to wait and pay you to delegate them faction. This can be a slow process, depending on how much faction is required, how much you have to begin with and what your faction rank is.

What are my minimum requirements to be a faction broker?

1. At least Underworld 4.
2. Be PvP enabled (Declared Special Forces).
3. Be near a faction recruiter or NPC with high enough rank that it will let you talk with it. High ranking NPCs will give you the same options as a faction recruiter.

Ok...I got all of that. Now how do I sell FP?!?

1. Converse with the recruiter or NPC.
2. Choose "I would like to make a donation to your cause."
3. Choose "I will transfer 100000 credits."
4. Repeat Steps 1-3 until you reach your FP cap for your current rank (120k for Colonels), or until your reach the number of points necessary to fill your client's order.
5. /delegatefactionpoints [client] [amount of FP]. [client] would be the name of the person you're selling to. Example: /delegatefactionpoints Dreven 10000 or /del Dreven 10000.

Where's a good place to buy points?

You can buy points from any recruiter or high ranking NPC.

If your guild or city has a player-placed faction base, and you buy points from the recruiter in that base. All the credits you pay to the recruiter will go into the base maintenance pool. Which will save your guild or city lots of credits in paying maintenance on the base.

When I "donate" 100k to the recruiter, I always get 125 extra points for something called the Cries of Alderaan. What's going on?

The Cries of Alderaan was an attempt early on to have content in the form of a "monthly" storyline. Each faction had quests to complete for different stages. At the end of a stage, a winner was chosen based on the number of faction members who completed the quests, or for the last 2 stages it was based on the percentage of players from each faction who completed the stage.

The winning faction of the stages, and ultimately of the storyline, was deemed to be winning the GCW. This brought with it certain advantages, in the form of a 10% bonus to any faction points you earn...wether you kill an opposing faction member, or you buy the points from the recruiter.

The Rebels won the CoA storyline, so they got the 10% FP bonus. That's where your extra 13 points come from. This is an advantage for Rebels because after the bonus, Rebels only pay around 72 credits per point (10000 / 138). After you factor in a /del ratio (Example 1.18:1 for Colonel), that comes to a "cost" of 85.5 per point. So you can charge less than Imperials per point, but still make a nice profit.

My buddy on the opposite side tells me that I pay less for factional perks than he does. What's up?

Same deal with the Cries of Alderaan story. Except since Imperials were the "losers", they got a 30% discount on all faction perks.

This works in the Imperials favor, because they can now sell factional perks for less than the Rebels, despite paying 80 per point.


A [Winning side] Colonel Master Smuggler FP broker will pay 45000 FP (~3.27 mil) for a Detachment HQ. That's "cost" with the MS 25% discount.

A [Losing side] Colonel Master Smuggler FP broker will pay 31500 FP (~2.52 mil) for the same Detachment HQ on the Imperial side. 60000 - 30% CoA discount - 25% MS discount.

The Recuiter gives me two options to buy FP: 20k and 100k. What am I getting for my credits?

The 20k option buys you 200 FP.*

The 100k option buys you 1000 FP.*

  • Winning GCW faction in COA adds 10% on top of that.

So in this example if the master smuggler player has joined a faction that is winning their bonus to FP from the recruiter is as follows:

faction_Point_amount x 1.10 (COA bonus) x 1.25 (master smuggler bonus or 1.10 if only underworld 1)

200 x 1.10 x 1.25 = 275 FP for a 20,000 credit exchange

Note: A bothan receives an additional 10% to faction perk reductions so the formula probably looks like 1.10 (Cries of Alderaan) x 1.25 (master smuggler) x 1.10 (bothan bonus) when doing calculations.

What happened to the 500 pt. FP buying cap?

With the addition of Publish 13, the 500 pt. FP buying cap went away. Smugglers can now buy points up to their rank cap.

Explanation of Delegation

A unique way of recieving faction is to be given it by having someone delegate faction.


The Player who is delegating faction must Special Forces (overt) in order to delegate faction.

Rebels & Imperials can delegate positive faction to any other player, the faction of the player being delegated to can be imperial, rebel, or even civilian.

Only prob with delegate is their faction cap, due to their rank.

You have to be Special Forces to Delegate, you target the person you wish to send faction too, then type one these two choices:

Delegating faction points

1. /delegate

Now if you use /delegate, it'll pop up a box, and you click side to side it, to send faction.

To delegate faction, the following must be done:

/del #of points. while the player is targeted. or /del 'players name' # of points.


2. /delegate #

If you use the /delegate #. You send specific faction to another player, such as /delegate 200, sends 200 faction to the other player.

The person who delegate's the faction must have positive faction to delegate.

I /del-ed 1000, but the system message told me I lost 1177 points. What's up with that?

The /delegate command has ratios based on your current faction rank. Here's a table put together which shows the different ranks, how much it costs to attain the rank, how many points you can hold at the rank, and what your /del ratio would be.

Colonel is the highest rank you can attain, and it carries the best ratio at 1.177:1.

Note: I think the game truncated any faction point delgation amount that was less than 10 up to the next highest. For example if someone donated 1 fp as a colonel, it would cost them 1.117 fp. This truncated up to 2 fp to prevent the player from being able to transfer without penalty (i think) Any amount over 10 would, naturally see a penalty to the transfer and not require truncation.

Additionally, the client seems to use rank.iff to make calculations of faction ranks and delegations. The chart below is based off of this and player data.

Rank |               Cost    | FP Cap  | ratio from | ratio to  | /delegate ratio

Civilian           |         | 1,000   |            |           |
(no faction)       
Private            | 200     | 1,000   |  20        |   3       |  6.67:1  (Costs 6.667 to send 1)
                    (to join)    
Lance Corporal     | 400     | 8,000   |  20        |   4       |  5.0:1   (Costs 5 to send 1)
Corporal           | 800     | 16,000  |  20        |   5       |  4.0:1   (Costs 4 to send 1)
Staff Corporal     | 1,200   | 24,000  |  20        |   6       |  3.334:1 (Costs 3.333 to send 1)
Sergeant           | 1,600   | 36,000  |  20        |   7       |  2.858:1 (Costs 2857 to send 1)
Staff Sergeant     | 2,000   | 40,000  |  20        |   8       |  2.50:1  (Costs 2.5 to send 1)
Master Sergeant    | 2,500   | 50,000  |  20        |   9       |  2.223:1 (Costs 2.222 to send 1)
Warrant Officer II | 3,000   | 60,000  |  20        |   10      |  2.0:1   (Costs 2 to send 1)
Warrant Officer I  | 3,500   | 70,000  |  20        |   11      |  1.819:1 (Costs 1.8181 to send 1)
Second Lieutenant  | 4,000   | 80,000  |  20        |   12      |  1.667:1 (Costs 1.667 to send 1)
First Lieutenant   | 5,000   | 100,000 |  20        |   13      |  1.539:1 (Costs 1.538 to send 1)
Army Captain       | 5,000   | 100,000 |  20        |   14      |  1.429:1 (Costs 1.428 to send 1)
Major              | 5,500   | 110,000 |  20        |   15      |  1.334:1 (Costs 1.333 to send 1)
Lieutenant Colonel | 5,500   | 110,000 |  20        |   16      |  1.25:1  (Costs 1.25 to send 1)
Colonel            | 6,000   | 120,000 |  20        |   17      |  1.177:1 (Costs 1.176 to send 1)

Ok...so where did my other 177 points go?

Disappeared into thin air.

Avoid Scans (Smuggling)

Thunderheart- Novice Smugglers with “underworld” abilities will have a 15% chance to evade contraband searches plus an additional 15% for each skill box and Master Smugglers add another 20% for a total of 95%. Players in both the wilderness and cantinas may avoid shakedown searches if grouped with smugglers for the same bonuses. In order to receive the smuggler bonus from being grouped with the player the smuggler must be within range (35m).

What is 'Contraband'?

Contraband is: Rebel Faction Equipment, Spice, Sliced weapons and armor. Player items are not confiscated. “Crackdowns” occur in the wilderness, “Shakedowns” look for covert rebels and occur in Planetary Cantinas (not player Cantinas)

Can I Evade Faction scans?

Yes, you receive the same protection from Faction scans as you do for contraband scans (dependent on your character's ability).

What are 'Faction scans'?

Ever since the GCW meta game was introduced faction players are now always in one of three states, Special Forces (PvP enabled), Combatant (PvE enabled), or On Leave (to all intents and purposes neutral). Players that are On Leave can be scanned by NPC forces of opposing factions and if discovered will have their status changed to that of Combatant and attacked.

Ability Flow

<graphviz> digraph G {

       rankdir = LR;
       node [shape=record, width=.2, height=.2];
       node [width=1];
       node1 [color="#929292", label = "Step 01", style="bold", fontname="arial", fontcolor="#929292", URL="Test101"];
       node2 [color="orange", label = "Step 02", style="bold", fontname="arial", fontcolor="#458CAF", URL="Test102"];
       node3 [color="orange", label = "Step 03", style="bold", fontname="arial", fontcolor="#458CAF", URL="Test101"];
       node1 -> node2:w [color="#929292"];
       node2:w -> node3:e [color="#515FCA", constraint=false];

} </graphviz>

System Messages

ID Path Filename Trigger Message Prompt
ID Value /path/goes/here/ filename.stf internal_command_string System Message Text Prompt Number

SUI Prompt

ID Path Filename Trigger Window Title Window Description SUI Button Label Window Contents
1 /path/goes/here filename.stf Internal SUI label SUI Window Title SUI Window Description SUI Button Label SUI Window Contents

Combat Chat Spam

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  • 1 + 1 = 3
  • 2 - 2 + 2 = 3

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Ability HAM Costs

Modifier Value
Health Cost 0
Action Cost 0
Mind Cost 0
Force Cost 0

Ability Multipliers

Modifier Value
Health cost 0
Action cost 0
Mind cost 0
Force cost 0
Damage 0
Delay Time 0