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Baseline - WAYP03

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BaseLine Struct

SHORT:             ObjectOpperandCount
FLOAT:             Complexity
ASTRING:           STFName(Table)
INT:               STF Spacer
ASTRING:           STFName(ID)
USTRING:           CustomName
INT:               Volume
INT:               GenericInt
FLOAT:             XCoordinate
FLOAT:             ZCoordinate
FLOAT:             YCoordinate
BYTE:              ActivatedFlag
LONG:              LocationNetworkID
ASTRING:           PlanetName
USTRING:           WaypointName
BYTE:              NotUsed
ASTRING:           ColorString

Deltas Struct

SHORT:			UpdateCount
SHORT:			UpdateType
    FLOAT:		Complexity
    ASTRING:		STFName(Table)
    INT:		STF Spacer
    USTRING:		CustomName
    INT:		Volume
    INT:		GenericInt
    FLOAT:		XCoordinate
    FLOAT:		ZCoordinate
    FLOAT:		YCoordinate
    BYTE:		ActivatedFlag
    LONG:		LocationNetworkID
    ASTRING:		PlanetName
    USTRING:		WaypointName
    BYTE:		NotUsed
    ASTRING:		ColorString

Variable Descriptions

ObjectOpperandCount = 12

Complexity: The Complexity of the Object or Schematic to create an object.

STFName: The Name of the Object taken from an STF File Reference.

STF Spacer: Always int32(0) its a spacer between the stf_file and stf_name.

CustomName: A custom specified name for the object. (User created).

Volume: The volume of space the object takes up.

GenericInt: An integer used uniquely in some inherited objects. CellObjects = CellIndex for each Cell in a building SchematicObjects = Quantity of uses in a schematic. Set to 0 for WAYP.

XZYCoordinate: The Location of the Waypoint. This overrides the coordinates in the CreateObjectByCrc().

ActivatedFlag: Set to 1 for activated. 0 for inactive. (Works correctly so you can "hide" them from players until ready too!)

LocationNetworkID: Guessed feature. the "Location" object has a networkID that never worked, but I assume it was intended to overridelocation to be based on the coordinates of an object. Never fully implemented but Im sick of having ?? in documentation for things that didn't work.

PlanetName: The ASCII planet name found in the CRC Tables. Needed to display the waypoint correctly. (just like in the PLAY Obj except it uses the CRC, this uses the string).

WaypointName: Doesn't display, however its a USTRING just like Waypoints, and it DIDNT update my color or planet when I triednthose. Its hard to test the name, but I linked to datapad to try and see it.. didn't change it however. Don't bother updating this really..

ColorString: The ASCII string for the color to use. This is directly translated as shared_waypoint_X.iff Take the part from the iff and that is the color. Any new waypoints I assume will also work this way... Options: green purple white blue yellow orange space


100% This packet has been completely reversed.

Sample Packet