Wound Treatment Speed (Skill Modifier)

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Skill Modifier - Wound Treatment Speed

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This skill mod helps to lower the duration time between healing wounds. A higher number means that you can heal wounds more often.

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Skill Mod Details


                                    Wound Treatment Speed

1. This needs a formula but I think the formula for wound treatment speed goes like this:

speed = ( ( 100-foodbuff)/100 ) x  ( ( 100 -  ( WoundTreatmentSpeed x 0.5 )    ) /100 ) x base wound healing speed

Where base healing speed = 10 seconds

Where foodbuff = value of the foods used

example: Ruby Bliel = .25 or Havla = .75 or even 100 if its 100+ as each point in these foods counts as a percentage reduction in the current healing speed timer (after modifier effects are calculated) and any food bonus over 100 is ignored and treated as just 100.

If the final value for Speed is less than 1 then speed is set to 1 second as 1 second is the absolute minimum for wound healing actions.

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