Polearm Center Of Being Efficacy (Skill Modifier)

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Skill Modifier - Polearm Center Of Being Efficacy

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This skill mod controls the efficacy of Center Of Being when wielding a polearm.

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Skill Mod Details

Center of being is affected by the skill modifiers center of being efficacy and duration. Each melee profession has its own set of mods that apply only to them. The effect of center of being efficacy determines the chance of the center of being triggering a defensive effect such as block/dodge/counterattack. Efficacy mods act just like their profession based mods in that +10 polearm efficacy relates to +10 block. A pikeman gets +115 efficacy and has a block of 115. This means that with COB running the pikeman effectively doubles the chance of the block ability going off. The profession specific mods only work if you equip a weapon that is from the profession that gives the skill. For example you will only dodge if you’re holding a pistol or one-hand melee weapon, or block using a pole-arm or rifle, or counterattack using a carbine or two-hand melee weapon and thusly the center of being efficacy mods are likewise weapon/profession dependant.

Each point in a profession's secondary defense modifier (counter attack, defense acuity, dodge, block) seems to be equivilant to increasing the percentage chance to initiate that defense by 0.21 per skill point.

Example: Master fencer = 105 dodge

105 dodge = 22% chance to dodge

Likewise for center of being efficacy modifiers:

One-handed Melee Center Of Being Efficacy: 115 = 24%

If a fencer should initiate center of being, then they would in effect have a combined total of 46% chance to dodge an attack.



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